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sanjko5 18th September 2004 11:59 PM

Key definitions
Could you add an option/button to set all key definitions to none (???).
By default, almost all keys I wish to assign to specific functions are already assigned, so I have to clear them one by one.

Uncle Potato 6th October 2004 05:12 AM

I also think that the key definition page required a newly work-out
Though it is now sorted alphabetically, it is by no means easy for one to change it to one's desire.

(1) Is it really necessary to have two complete set of definition for windowed & full screen ?? It is true that some functions is only meaningful to one mode only, like resize is not necessary for full screen, but why do one want to have two set of keys to define Jump fwd/bck ?? Volumn up/down ?
So if you want to change the key def, you have to do it twice.

(2) List the key def in the table as well, like
Jump Forward > Mouse wheel up
Jump Backward < Mouse wheel down
Much more easy to sport, and also one can click to sort by the key, so he can immediate check what keys are available.
& also the definition should prompt me for a duplicates.

I always wach recorded TV, so always wanted to use the mouse wheel to skip fwd/bck. I don't have to press '>' many many times.
I sucessfully put "Mouse wheel up" to the desired function, but BSplayer still using it to resize the screen. I searched and couldn't find it hiding somewhere. (I once have it setup back in ver 0.9x)

talking about resizing, I don't really think that it is an important function. BSPlaye does have the function to set aspect ratio, or set to always 100% or 200%. IMO the more proper approach is to set it to fixed size, so one can watch any size encoded movie the exact size (relative to the screen one is using). Am I overlooking this ?

Uncle Potato 6th October 2004 05:16 AM

<talking about resizing, I don't really think that it is an important function.>

Misleading.... I mean not a function that require easy access and occupy the precious mouse wheel. Resizing IS a must-have function.

sanjko5 4th February 2005 07:21 PM

Once more.

Please add this to your next build.

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