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X-Men 30th October 2004 06:52 PM

Subtitle Format Support.
could you add support for MPL2 subtitle format in one of the next
versions of BSPlayer? The format is quite popular in East Europe.

ghowarth 13th December 2004 09:45 AM


Can I suggest that the .smi subtitle format is also added to BSPlayer. I have seen many posts of people trying to convert from .smi files to compatible formats, and I have tried it also. It is quite fiddly to do!

For some reason I can't even get vobsub to run .smi files with BSPlayer either, which is very frustrating.


BSPeter 28th December 2004 03:38 PM


Originally Posted by ghowarth
I have seen many posts of people trying to convert from .smi files to compatible formats, and I have tried it also. It is quite fiddly to do!

Note there are several subtitle-utilities available which can easily do just that. I personally use a rather simple utility which primary purpose is to sync subtitles, but it can also be used to convert subs. That utility is Vladimir's "SubSync". It only covers .smi .srt and/or .sub (text)format subtitles. For your purpose: you can simply load a sami-file in SubSync and then immediately save it as a subrip .srt file (by changing the filetype into .srt upon saving). You can find it here (click here).

Mantra 19th January 2005 12:11 PM

Could we also get support for Advanced Sub Station subtitles, please.

BSPeter 19th January 2005 09:42 PM

Sofar no support for Advanced Sub Station subtitles. However, as from build 808 some basic support for SSA subtitles (bold, italic, underline, font name and color codes) was added. See BSPlayer's news section (click here) under the information concerning "Version 1.00 RC1 Build 808 released (27 Apr 2004)" (you'll have to scroll down).
I don't know what is in the pipeline at BSPlayer's developer(s), so I can't tell you. (No doubt your post will be read though!)
P.S.: ".ass"-subtitles could perhaps be converted to ".ssa"-format using a subtitle-utility like (e.g.) Subtitle Workshop or Winsubtitler (which is the successor of SubMax, the development of which is discontinued), or perhaps by another utility which may be found on the internet (e.g. like this one (click here)), which I found in a quick search and which i.a. claims to cover "format conversion (SSA <-> ASS)" under Windows 2000 or Windows XP and "which might work on other versions but not tested").

ghowarth 13th February 2005 11:54 AM

Thanks for the reply BSPeter. Actually subsync was the tool I meant that was fiddly. While handy that it can convert subtitles files, it doesn't do it so well.

For example, occurences of &nspb; from the .smi format remain in the converted files. I have to use a file editor to replace all these occurences with a space, which is a pain.

Also, it doesn't correctly convert coloured text - it leaves in control characters from the .smi format in the converted files.

While I really like BSplayer for its great functionality and convenience, this remains a niggle for me. If any of the developers are reading: surely you great coders could whip up an .smi parser for BSplayer in about 20 minutes? :wink:


demidov 23rd March 2005 06:43 AM


BSPeter 24th March 2005 12:20 PM

Re: SAMI support for BSPlayer

Originally Posted by demidov
If you want to get the SAMI plugin e-mail me

Hello demidov,
Why don't you just attach it to a post in this forum to make it available for download by interested BSPlayer-users?

demidov 11th April 2005 06:13 PM


demidov 11th January 2007 05:52 PM

SAMI support for BSPlayer
1 Attachment(s)
The attached plug-in is capable of showing SAMI subtitles.
Unicode multilingual files are supported in UTF-16, UTF-8 and ANSI code pages.
Because BSPlayer internally doesn't support unicode, just make sure to include a style sheet for each language like this:

.CC1 {Name: English; lang: en-US; ... }
.CC2 {Name: Russian; lang: ru-RU; ... }
.CC3 {Name: Hebrew; lang: he-IL; ... }

There may be a problem with MKV containers + multilingual files due to a bug in BSP. In such case non-english languages may get scrambled and BSP may crash on exit. To fix it, just load another simple subtitle file (srt or sub) and, mysteriously, the languages will be back !!

Another issue is non-recognized by BSP HTML tags, like <font> and special symbols: &lt; &gt; &amp;. These will be shown as is, and it is entirely up to BSP to start showing HTML content correctly. If I'll translate them myself, the HTML content will become inconsistent and unstable.

Tested on XP, server 2003 and Vista 32, maybe will work on 2000. Don't even try on 9x/ME. MSHTML must be functional too. On Vista 64, in EVR, BSPlayer doesn't show any subtitles at all!

History: - empty line crash fixed - &nbsp translated - OSD - parser implemented through MSHTML - original version

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