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toycat 15th January 2005 10:28 AM

Keep audiotrack after switching to next part of movie

:idea: I think, that it would be VERY useful, if the BSPlayer is able to keep selected audiotrack after switching to next part of movie.

:arrow: Example:
I have multipart movie (e.g. "movie cd1.avi" and "movie cd2.avi") with two audiotracks (e.g. PRIMARY and SECONDARY).
:!: When watching the movie with PRIMARY audio track, everything is fine, but when I want to watch the movie with SECONDARY audio track, the problem is, that after autoswitching to next part of movie (which is GREAT feature indeed), the audio track skips to PRIMARY instead of remaining SECONDARY (the selected one). :(

:?: I know this is not a bug, but could you please add this feature to next release of your great player? :P
:idea: My suggestion is to add a checkbox field to select, whether to keep selected track or not, because sometimes it may be unwanted.

XelaG 19th January 2005 03:05 PM

I agree, the same would be nice with subtitles if possible. E.g. I have a japanese film in 2 files (cd1 and cd2), dubbed in English, with primary audio English and secondary Japanese, "primary" subs English (EN) "secondary" Dutch (NL). I watch with Japanese audio and Dutch subs (both secondary choices), and have to re-adjust both after the cd2 starts.

bluedan 24th January 2005 01:23 PM

Switch to mkv aka matroska. The selected stream will be kept while cd switch. :D

AVI is not designed for multiple audio streams and of minor capabilities in comparison to matroska or ogg media anyway (which are both container formats as well!). Using multple streams inside AVI is a HACK and thus always crippled.
Matroska will be played by ALL modern direct show players as long as the filters are installed.

Get conversion programme
here, it's again free and follows the specs. Mkv-merge which is the respective app of this toolbox you need for this purpose is easy to use.

Get mkv splitter from this page
and the muxer from this site. On the latter there's also a splitter which is working, but not further developped, which does not affect you as long as you don't want to put MPEG2 or AVC into matroska container..... can you follow me??
For subtitle muxing (YES, into mkv) you'll need vsfilter installed also.
In a couple of weeks maybe it will also be possible to implement the DVD menues so that mkv will be a complete backup solution!

Frankly, I don't really understand why people still stick to AVI.

You can create BSI file the usual way but don't have to give path names for the additional streams anymore. :D

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