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didjit 9th March 2005 05:40 PM

URGENT! Fully support to NERO DIGITAL format. NOW!!!
OH MY GOD! I just discovered NERO Digital video format! With some patience I think this will rule all over the others MPEG4 formats.

I just feel like I should spread the news. IT IS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER than DivX and XviD....

Then you all ask me: "Why is it so cool?"

Well, the coolest feature is that we can create a .MP4 video file with up to 2 audio streams + up to 2 subtitles + chapter markings in a better image quality video file!.

YES! No more subtitle searching! No risk subtitles are unsynchronized anymore! You just rip up 2 of the ORIGINAL DVD SUBTITLES and it stays in the same file your video is!
And the audio? Well, it hassles me ALOT when I dload a movie in eMule and it isn't with the original audio! I am sure many of you also had this problem. With Nero Digital there is no more risk of that happening so the ripper can rip the original audio and another one language audio in the same file so we can select wich one we want to hear.
Oh and the chapter feature! Is also cool we can rip the original chapter markings inside of the video file so we can jump easily to next scene.

And it is so easy to rip a DVD into a .MP4 file! No more bitrate calculations in order to fit it in one or two 80min CD-R or in any other type of media! In fact you just put in there the size you want the .MP4 to be and that's it!

There are some things I still got to test it out. Like if NERO is able to detect the audios, subtitles and chapter markings inside the MP4 file when we try to burn it into DVD format so we can watch the movie in any DVD player. If it can detect and create a DVD from a MP4 file with 2 audio streams, subtitles and chapter markings DON'T YOU AGREE IT WOULD BE AWESOME so we can get a MP4 file and "re-generate" the original DVD!
If it's not supported yet, I am sure it will be in a near future.

Then you might ask me: "WHY are you posting such a BSPlayer cuncurrent publicity in this forum?"
I think BSPlayer is the most complete player out there and I would love to have fully support of Nero Digital media, such as being able to read the chapter markings, the 2 audio streams and the 2 subtitles that are already stored inside of the MP4 file, so I don't need to use Nero ShowTime player in order to proper watching Nero Digital files. In fact, as Nero Digital is already a MPEG4 format, BSPlayer can play it no problems but still we cannot select the subtitles, the audio streams and chapter inside of it.

In order to generate a Nero Digital MP4 file you got to install Nero Packages 1 and 2, wich can be downloaded at:

After installing Nero package 1 and 2 you should have all the DVD+AAC plugins, that can be found all in one package at:

You got to have Nero and all the plugins properly REGISTERED as well!!

To know more about Nero Digital format go to:

I hope BSPLAYER crew add fully support for this GREAT MPEG4 format soon!

I would love to see some comments in here!

Mat2000 12th March 2005 02:03 PM

We will meet with Ahead in Cebit and we will talk about this feature.
More information will follow.

joerpaul 12th March 2005 10:11 PM

nero digital works fine on bsplayer on my computer
I guess you just need to have the proper codecs installed.

adicoto 13th March 2005 07:46 AM

I can't install and register Nero packages. But if somebody have them installed (didjit), try if the MP4 splitter and the AAC decoder from 3ivx can't be used for nero digital. It should work.

didjit 13th March 2005 05:18 PM

I've seen many people who couldn't make NERO encode Nero Digital files after installing the packages I suggested to download.
I think people are making some mistakes registering them.

Nero needs in fact 7 different serial numbers to be entered in order to have it fully registered.
You need serial for:

1. Nero Enterprise Edition
2. HE-AAC Plugin
3. MPEG2/SVCD Plugin
4. MPEG2/DVD Plugin
5. Dolby Digital 5.1 Plugin
6. MultiChannel Plugin
7. Nero Digital Universal Plugin

Those shouldn't be so hard to find over Google. I just tested searching for the keyword "Nero serial" and I found all those in the very first Google result link...

So after you have it all, open your Nero (please use the latest version available due to the constant updates), click:
HELP -> Enter New Serial Number
Nero will close and will reopen as a Nero StartSmart window. Then you click on "Enter New" button, write the serial and click on the green "+" icon.
Do that for every new serial you have. Then just close Nero StartSmart window and open NERO RECODE software wich can be found inside NeroVision Express 3 folder.
Put the original DVD you want to recode into Nero Digital format and the rest is very intuitive. I don't think you all will have further problems after that, but if you do just ask me.

I am suposing YOU WILL BUY all plugins. I do not support nor agree with illegal versions of it.
Just do as I did, test it out then BUY the plugins please. Buying the original is the only way we can support Ahead software to make Nero Digital format even better.

adicoto 13th March 2005 10:26 PM

That was not what I asked. I know how to find a crak and how to use it. But that is not the point in this thread.

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