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bhood37 19th December 2002 06:37 PM

Processing the DELAY flag of DVD2AVI AC3 filenames
I'd like to see BSPlayer (which is absolutely the BEST player for DivX encoded videos!) automatically recognize and adjust video/audio sync to the the DELAY value embedded in the AC3 filename generated by DVD2AVI (1.77.3) when you demux all tracks.

I have a few in the 80-100ms range, and the lack of sync with the video is just enough to be noticable and irratating.

Thanks for such a great player! (Ever thought of open sourcing it? :D )

bhood37 27th December 2002 06:43 AM

Strike that request. I found a stand-alone utility that will process the AC3 stream file and automatically adjust it by its delay offset. It's called AC3 Delay Corrector ( in case anybody else finds themselves in a similar situation.

Sorry for the bother!

hjbdude 20th October 2003 09:54 PM

Cannot install AC3 delay coorector
Just finished downloading a complete movie with E-mule. It took me 8 days online time, have cable connection luckily!

I have experienced the same thing, audio and video clearly visable out of sync. I have installed the AC3 filter. Installed Microsoft multi channel update. But no luck so far. The audio is faster than the video. I have tried almost every option in BSPlayer. Using the 'searcg'option came acros this option. But when I try to install the program, I get the error message that GFAWIN23.OCXdll is missing. I have windows 98 SE installed and I have read somewhere that the dll file comes with XP installed.
Please HELP!

Any other suggestions what can cause the video and audio to be out of sync. It's almost a second delay.

Great mediaplayer, PLEEZE!?

Quietseb 20th October 2003 10:25 PM

you can get this ocx file (it's not a dll, it's an activeX control) from here (amongst others):
I didn't check the reliability of the source but hey :roll:

hjbdude 20th October 2003 10:41 PM

Thanks for the fast reply!

But I think I am in over my head this time. The program starts now, but cannot open the moviefile. It doesn't appear in the open screen.

Also downloaded virtualdub, but that program warns me for having DiVX 3 codec and says the moviefile is corrupt.

Any idea if it's the moviefile or an AC3 compatibility problem maybe? Or an option in the BSplayer I am missing...

Sorry for this newbie to trouble this forum. I AM afraid that I lack knowledge here.


Quietseb 21st October 2003 08:50 AM

I understand that your AC3 audio is embedded in the movie file, whereas I understand that bhood37 was talking about extern audio files. Thus you shouldn' t need the AC3 delay corrector program bhood37 refers to.


Also downloaded virtualdub, but that program warns me for having DiVX 3 codec and says the moviefile is corrupt
Well divx3 is an illegal hack of some (now old) microsoft codec, VirtualDub warns you against that, but it's not a problem.
Your movie file may be corrupt, I can't tell (I think that VirtuaLDub can handle AC3, but I'm not sure, I can't remember... try VirtualDubMod)

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