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coyoteelabs 15th November 2005 10:09 PM

drawing on overlay from plugin
Can a bitmap be drawn on the overlay surface?

If yes, how?

And if possible, how to get the width and height of the window (not the movie).

Tizio 16th November 2005 10:18 PM

What do you mean by " to get the width and height of the window.."?

If you have any clues on VisualBasic programming, you can use the code I wrote here to retrieve the MovieWindow dimensions.

The code you need is the second one, and in specific the following line:
'Retrieve the MovieWindowSize
GetWindowRect ParentHwnd, Rec

Then if you want the window size, you only have to make the following subtractions:
MovieWindowWidth = Rec.Right - Rec.Left
MovieWindowHeight = Rec.Bottom - Rec.Top

If you didn't mention this.. don't consider my post :wink:
Otherway tell me if you found it usefull or if you have problems in useing it.

Bye :)

coyoteelabs 7th December 2005 02:32 PM

10x for the info Tizio, but I still need to find out how to draw a bitmap on the OVERLAY.

I need to know this because I'm working on a custom subtitle format with complete HTML 3.02 formatting (full color support, fonts, IMAGES, position, tables, div, etc).

If I manage to make this plugin I would post it here (freeware) as well as an editor for creating subtitles.

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