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sirovsky 1st March 2006 06:44 PM

A Little More Multimedia Remote Control Friendly
Hey All,

First of all - a great application!!!

I beleive I have a couple of VERY minor suggestions to help make it even better... 8)

Quite often video or audio applications are remotely controlled [for example, I am using a Conceptronic multimedia remote control:]

Such gadgets are usually configured simply to emulate keyboard key combinations when certain buttons are pressed on the remote control.

There are 2 things that can be a little improved to enable convenient remote controlling:

1. The remote control is not that smart, so when the user wants to bring up the required application, he hits a button that simply starts the application.
However, when the BS Player application is already running, but was minimized or lost focus (for example, due to some other application which has popped-up), running the executable again won't make it active.

So, the requirement would be: when the user runs the application (the executable), it should always bring-up the application window and make it active (even if already running in background).
[By the way, Winamp behaves exactly in this way.]

2. There is no simple key combination to show the context menu [except mouse right click or MS menu key]. The Windows keys are often not emulated (as in my case) - so a dedicated simple key combination that brings up a menu is required.
[In Winamp, there is - Alt-F]

Besides - it works real nice with the remote... :D

Thanks and Good Luck!

Tizio 1st March 2006 07:03 PM

Hi sirovsky! :)
Good suggestions :wink:

1- It's a nice idea

2- It's already in the ToDo List!
If you open the "KeyDefinition & WinLIRC" section (in BSplayer v1.39) you'll notice a new shortcut:
Show Main Manu (it should be Menu :P )

Now the "Show Main Menu" command only shows the "Load subtitles..." item, but I think (and hope) that in new version it will show you the entire Menu since it seems there is an error in the code that open the "Subtitles Action" command instead of the Main menu :wink:

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