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layer 25th July 2006 11:28 PM

Support for nvidia dvd decoder

will be very good to see bsplayer support nvidia purevideo decoder. :P


BSPeter 25th July 2006 11:52 PM

Didn't try, but based on its feature "High quality MPEG-2 decoder supports any third party software application based upon Microsoft DirectShow®" I would say it should probably work with BSPlayer. I think adicoto is the expert on this (or grendizer: check this post: )

Tizio 26th July 2006 12:53 AM

I wanted to try to use it, but it needed me to install Windows Media Player 9 and I didn't want to install I give up :P

layer 27th July 2006 12:06 AM

yes it works but the image is with lines bsplayer angs etc

J7N 29th July 2006 09:38 PM

MPEG-2 is not a codec that would require hardware acceleration today.

grendizer 21st May 2007 09:31 PM

I second that, we need the support for Nvidia's Purevideo MPEG2 decoder.
Small update on my FAQ:

Ico-man 22nd May 2007 10:28 AM

" I mostly dwell in the BsPlayer forum at, my nickname is "Grendizer"."

You probably mean ?

Otherwise, a good job there.


grendizer 1st March 2008 06:24 PM

Hello everybody

First off, I have a new great GeForce 8 graphic card :) and I'm wondering how to activate the hardware decoding of DVD's and BluRay discs with it, however, I didn't fully dif into the problem yet.

It may be time for BsPlayer to support Purevideo! :twisted:

adicoto 1st March 2008 09:31 PM

I also have an HD2600PRO that support hardware acceleration of VC1, MPEG2, H264.....

J7N 2nd March 2008 06:24 AM

How did you activate it? What decoder do players use now in place of ffdshow and others?

adicoto 2nd March 2008 08:18 AM

I was adding myself on the wishlist. :wink:
I am not using those powers, because I don't know if besides CyberLink PowerDVD and ATI Decoder there is a player that can acces those functions.

J7N 2nd March 2008 08:25 AM

Just as I predicted. :( I indeed acquired a couple of HD 2400 but had no time to research the acceleration feature. It's good, reliable (passive heatsink) video adapter but makes no miracles so far. I hope something useful comes up from FFMPEG. It's the only serious group of developers on the video field. ATI-AMD are too busy releasing their bullshit web browser with enhanced multimedia experience.

sell_inside 13th July 2008 08:42 PM

Its pity that we have hardware decoding inside of our video card GPU`s and not taking advantage of it.

I will buy BS player when you guys will do something about this.

czerro 16th July 2008 09:28 PM

NVIDA PureVideo is already useable in BSplayer, though its kinda non-intuitive. You will need to install the latest ffdshow, restrict the color levels outside of RGB. In all fairness PureVideo isn't well supported in most software, and as someone already mentioned doesn't really do much at the moment besides accelerate MPEG-2 DVD decoding.

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