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Blaz 19th September 2006 08:10 AM

suggestions for ver. 2.10
1. playlist: when i manualy change song pozition in playlist, (song in poztion 3 move to pozition 4) it is OK, but when i listen songs, i realise that songs actualy didn't change pozition ( i play song 4 and it is not song previusly on 3, but song that was prewiusly in that pozition).

2. subtitles: in previus verzions i can see if subtitles are loaded on skin. It also loaded automaticly, if I had CD1 or CD2 the same sa in movie. but now not.

3. I miss the suffle function. (when i play songs or videomusic.)

4. support for m3u files (when i load m3u file in playlilst it doesn't play it or eaven show the playlist files) it would be nice to be able to save m3u files (like in winamp)

Tizio 19th September 2006 09:48 AM

:? a non-sense post to me..
First of all it seems to me more like a bug report than a features request, and:

1. Files in playlist are moved and played correctly with the proper order (just tried with mp3 and avi files)
2. Subtitles are displayed on the skin if you use a skin that supports that feature (the old base skin supported this and many others), plus if you load the CD1 files, also the CD2 will be loaded correctly (it will not work if you start the CD2 file first) and corresponding subtitles are loaded
3. The shuffle function can be achieved in several ways in this build:
  1. In the playlist (old style) press on the Sort button and choose Randomize
  2. In playlist (old and new style) right-click and choose randomize
  3. In MediaLibrary click on the Shuffle button (bottom right corner of the ML window)

The sort bug (1) is present if you use the new style playlist only, in old style playlist that problem doesn't exist

4. M3U files are loaded correctly , the in list files are shown and played.
Plus the M3U files can also be saved (probably you refer to the previous versions bug in which playlist files were not saved correctly. Update your version and the problem will be solved)


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