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Yura 30th April 2008 06:05 AM

Remote Control
Hi i have BSplayer pro , and this
remote control, how can i install it to this player, not working volume ,STOP,PLAY ETC Thank You :?:

Tizio 30th April 2008 10:55 AM

If you have BSplayer Pro you are entitled for direct support from BSplayer team members through this link
Anyway, you have to install and configure the application that came with your remote.
I never saw that remote, so I don't know how it works, and without a configuration file, I can't analyze the commands used by the remote to control other programs (generally the commands and the applications the remote can control are set in a configuration file and not hardcoded in the main program.. but if your remote belongs to this last case, there's nothing you can do to control BSplayer with it)

Yura 1st May 2008 03:39 AM

Ok, i just find my model is RC6 IR, and i installed winlirc
to configure by this program , but i cant find my config for RC and what port it is using

Yura 1st May 2008 04:38 AM

# brand: HP
# model no. of remote control: TSGH-IR01
# devices being controlled by this remote: HP Slimline S3100y
# Derived from MCEUSB2 lircd.conf file (lircd.conf.mceusb) found at:

# RC-6 config file
# source:
# used by: Philips
# Philips Media Center Edition remote control
# For use with the USB MCE ir receiver
# Dan Conti dconti|
# Updated with codes for MCE 2005 Remote additional buttons
# *, #, Teletext, Red, Green, Yellow & Blue Buttons
# Note: TV power button transmits no code until programmed.
# Updated 12th September 2005
# Graham Auld - mce|
# Radio, Print, RecTV are only available on the HP Media Center remote control
# Updated with codes for MCE 2007 Remote additional buttons
# Visualization, Aspect, SlideShow, Eject
# Note:
# Renamed some buttons: DVD->DVDMenu, More->MoreInfo, Star->Asterisk, Hash->Pound
# Note:
# Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, and Teletext buttons do not exist on the HP remote

begin remote

name mceusb
bits 16
eps 30
aeps 100

header 2667 889
one 444 444
zero 444 444
pre_data_bits 21
pre_data 0x37FF0
gap 105000
toggle_bit 22
rc6_mask 0x100000000

begin codes

#unused by HP remote
Blue 0x00007ba1
Yellow 0x00007ba2
Green 0x00007ba3
Red 0x00007ba4
Teletext 0x00007ba5

#ba6 - bae unused
BA6 0x00007ba6
BA7 0x00007ba7
BA8 0x00007ba8
BA9 0x00007ba9
BAA 0x00007baa
BAB 0x00007bab
BAC 0x00007bac
BAD 0x00007bad
BAE 0x00007bae

Radio 0x00007baf
Print 0x00007bb1

#bb2 - bb4 unused
BB2 0x00007bb2
BB3 0x00007bb3
BB4 0x00007bb4

Videos 0x00007bb5
Pictures 0x00007bb6
RecTV 0x00007bb7
Music 0x00007bb8
TV 0x00007bb9

#bba - bbf unused
BBA 0x00007bba
BBB 0x00007bbb
BBC 0x00007bbc
BBD 0x00007bbd
BBE 0x00007bbe
BBF 0x00007bbf
#bc1 - bca unused
BC1 0x00007bc1
BC2 0x00007bc2
BC3 0x00007bc3
BC4 0x00007bc4
BC5 0x00007bc5
BC6 0x00007bc6
BC7 0x00007bc7
BC8 0x00007bc8
BC9 0x00007bc9
BCA 0x00007bca

Eject 0x00007bcb
SlideShow 0x00007bcc
Visualization 0x00007bcd

#bce - bcf unused
BCE 0x00007bce
BCF 0x00007bcf
#bd1 - bd7 unused
BD1 0x00007bd1
BD2 0x00007bd2
BD3 0x00007bd3
BD4 0x00007bd4
BD5 0x00007bd5
BD6 0x00007bd6
BD7 0x00007bd7

Aspect 0x00007bd8
Guide 0x00007bd9
LiveTV 0x00007bda
DVD 0x00007bdb
Back 0x00007bdc
OK 0x00007bdd
Right 0x00007bde
Left 0x00007bdf
Down 0x00007be0
Up 0x00007be1
Star 0x00007be2
Hash 0x00007be3
Replay 0x00007be4
Skip 0x00007be5
Stop 0x00007be6
Pause 0x00007be7
Record 0x00007be8
Play 0x00007be9
Rewind 0x00007bea
Forward 0x00007beb
ChanDown 0x00007bec
ChanUp 0x00007bed
VolDown 0x00007bee
VolUp 0x00007bef
More 0x00007bf0
Mute 0x00007bf1
Home 0x00007bf2
Power 0x00007bf3
Enter 0x00007bf4
Clear 0x00007bf5
Nine 0x00007bf6
Eight 0x00007bf7
Seven 0x00007bf8
Six 0x00007bf9
Five 0x00007bfa
Four 0x00007bfb
Three 0x00007bfc
Two 0x00007bfd
One 0x00007bfe
Zero 0x00007bff
end codes

end remote

Is this my config?

Tizio 3rd May 2008 12:05 PM

Are you sure this config is your remote correct configuration file for WinLIRC?
RC6 IR is a protocol used by some remotes, not the name of the remote itself. Can you find out which one is the real remote model, maybe under the battery slot? This way maybe we can find more useful information on the net.

The page you posted is a really good guide made by a (former?) user of this forum (and one of the most prolific plugins author for BSplayer)
You can build your own IR receiver by following that guide, and you can use that receiver with every IR remote controller!
The only problem is that that guide only cover IR receivers that connect to the serial port of your PC. If your PC is not provided with a serial port you have to create a USB controller, but it's more expensive and you also need to install a driver on your PC (if you search the net you can find both of them ;) )

My Pinnacle TV tune came with a USB IR receiver, and I wasn't able to make it work with WinLIRC, but I found a way to make it work with other applications by changing some configuration lines in an INI file that came with the application used by Pinnacle to drive the pinnacle tuner application by the IR remote.
If your HP capture device has an application that is used to let communicate the remote with the capture application maybe you can use it to drive BSplayer.. but you have to find the correct configuration file and understand how it's built-up

Melloware 13th June 2008 03:35 PM

Your remote is a standard MCE remote by HP. It is supported as an MCE HID remote and it works out of the box with Intelliremote to control any application you want including BSPLayer.

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