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mRkukov 15th July 2009 11:05 AM

Need better ASS-subtitle support

I have used external subtitle renderer because bsplayer still doesn't support SSA/ASS subtitles enought. 2.41 changelog showd that new subtitle rendering engine was released and now I tried it (2.42). It's better than previous, but still no resist to good renderers.

I would really love to see proper .ass support in bsplayer because I love the way you can change the subtitles place, size and correct time. It's just perfect. Many subtitles need some fine adjustment and bsplayer is perfect for that. And that new automatic online subtitle loading... it's wonderful.

If you want to compare what a good ass-support really can do, download mp classic and some subs. Try with any video and start from ~55sec.

Until we get better support, I have to keep jumping between internal and external sub-renderer. Or even worst, different player. :wink:

adicoto 15th July 2009 01:20 PM

Indeed, nice example of the power inside an ass subtitle.

neb1236 11th August 2009 07:58 PM

I don't understand why you try to implement ass when there is already a filter that can do the job perfectly (Vsfilter), I'm even more surprised of it because you already use external filters from guliverkli2
Adding Vsfilter and using it in case of the presence of ass files would be way fast and simple for a certain result.
It's the only filters today to fully implement complex tag like \org \t \move etc, even new tag like \blur too (libass has a lot of work done though). Available within the guliverkli2 project...
I mean BSplayer have always been working really fine with it, and in almost any video output mode, so I really don't understand why...

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