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UncleBen 13th March 2003 09:27 PM

Subtitles on PC visible, but not on TV screen
Hi, I can view my subtitels on my PC, but when I connect to the TV screen the movie plays, the sound is OK, but no subtitles.
Cab someone advise me.
What do you want to know more ?
I have a labtop and have a Mobility Radeon ATI video card.
regards Louis

Quietseb 13th March 2003 10:11 PM

in preferences, subtitles, tick the "draw subtitles on overlay" box
it should help

xlv600 14th March 2003 11:09 PM

:D As usually Quietseb comment is clear and precise, I wonder why I would add any comment, but here it is...

Since now I always needed Vobsub to see my IDX+SUB subtitles. And subtitles were always displaied on both Monitor and TV, as it is drawn on the overlay surface.

But, I've just managed to make my first OGG video from a DVD trailler muxed with 2 audio and a subtitle. I've first extracted the SUB+IDX out of the VOB with Vobsub, then converted to SRT subtitles with SubRip (using an OCR process). Both BSPlayer AND Vobsub show these subtitles, so I've setup VOBSUB to never autoload.

Then, I've setup BSPlayer to show subtitles on TV. It's quite simple, in Preferences [Ctrl+P], in the Subtitle Tab, ALL cases or checked BUT the first one: "Don't show subtitles", of course :D

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