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rseiler 11th November 2011 11:11 PM

Upgrade resets some settings to defaults?
Is it intended for certain settings to be changed upon minor upgrades (say, 2.57 to 2.58)?

For example, "Automatically download online subtitles" and "Enable taskbar status area notifications" are re-enabled by an upgrade.

This behavior isn't particular to any version, since I've seen this happen for a long time now.

rseiler 28th February 2012 08:59 AM

Any thoughts?

BSPeter 28th February 2012 11:46 AM

It shouldn't.
I haven't noticed this behaviour and will have to check when I install a future build.
I always simply install a new build "on top" of the existing installation (without uninstalling the older version first).
Do you do that too?
Could be that when you uninstall older version first (some) settings are changed.
(PS: Maybe also read this.)

adicoto 28th February 2012 02:33 PM

Many options are reset to default, like EVR rendering, location of downloaded subtitles, seek bt keyframes.....

BSPeter 28th February 2012 04:28 PM

To test I just reinstalled BS.Player 2.62.1066beta.
None of the settings mentioned by you were changed.
"Automatically download online subtitles" still switched off
"Enable taskbar status area notifications" still switched off
"Seek by keyframes (AVI and MKV files)" still switched off
Rendering mode still unchanged (on a non-default setting for XP)
Location for downloaded subtitles still unchanged (fixed folder on F-drive)
In this connection note that the PC on which I tested, runs under XP SP3 (so no EVR for me, that's why I selected Internal renderer DirectDraw surface for the test).
Also - as I have several versions/builds installed at the same time - I never install in default installation folder, whereas I also select settings to be saved in installation folder (i.e. also non-default).

rseiler 28th February 2012 09:47 PM

Yes, upgrades right on top of the existing install.

Those last three that adicoto mentioned are not ones that I set, so I can't speak for those, but it's odd that you didn't see any change in the ones I mentioned. I know that a lot changed in Windows 7 (and Vista before it) in terms of how and where settings are stored, so maybe it's something to do with that? Adicoto, are you on Win7 too?

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