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Guest 30th March 2003 12:57 AM

Do BSplayer install Codecs?
I have a lot of codecs installed on my computer.
I wonder.
Do the installation file for BSplayer install any codecs in addition to the program itself?
I don't want any of my codecs overwritten ;)
I have done that mistake before..


scotty81 30th March 2003 09:01 PM

I don't think it does!
well it didn't overwrite any of my codecs anyway!

Quietseb 31st March 2003 12:46 AM

I confirm it does not install any codec.

If you are afraid of any possible mistake, choose the zip download and just extract bsrendv.dll and bplay.exe (and possibly some skins ;))
that should be enough ;)

Marky 31st March 2003 05:57 AM

How do we make an autorun CD that contains a movie compressed with DivX5 work for friends or relatives that don't have a DIvX codec installed - and would be afraid to try a codec install (old Aunt Mazie, for instance)?

BSPlayer is GREAT for making autorun CD's - I just don't know how to do the above....

Thanks for any help you can give!!

xlv600 31st March 2003 03:59 PM

The true solution is to install BSPlayer and the codec on her PC by yourself. And then give her your DivXs with autorun.

It's the way I do now.

(But maybe not the answer you were looking for :? )

Marky 31st March 2003 05:38 PM

I would if I could, but she lives half way around the world. I was hoping that there was some way that BPlay.exe could utilize a DivX codec that would be stored on the CD.

If I could find a good utility that could be included on the CD that would auto install and register the DivX5 codec without user intervention, that would be a great alternative. I use the DivX 5.01 "bundle" now, but it would scare poor old Aunty to death if she were suddenly presented with a "computer task". Lots of older people are "afraid" of computers, yet...

Having it's own "built in" DivX5 codec would really be an asset to BPlay.exe, actually...

Quietseb 31st March 2003 09:31 PM

bsplayer can be used with no codec installation, with just the decoder files copied to the CD and a correct bspfilter.dat file (rename bspfilter.sam to bspfilter.dat)

I have never tried it myself, but here are a few links that may help you:

well okay, there's only one in fact...

Marky 1st April 2003 03:06 AM

Ooops, that solution would do the 'ol Gal in. It requires manually adding some items inside the Registry..

Quietseb 1st April 2003 09:18 AM

oops, didn't see that.

in fact my idea was to provide an example of how to use bspfilters.dat from the CD, but obviously it was a bad example...

note though that the registry additions are necessary only if you use ffdshow; if you use the original divx codec (meaning: the decoder part, I think the file is in your \windows\system32 directory) no addition in the registry is required

(I'll stop here, because I don't really know how all of this is supposed to be used)

xlv600 1st April 2003 01:25 PM

[Marky]: BSPlayer is the best player. But IMO it's not for newbies. There are plenty of shortcuts and feature.
- What if she presses Mute inadvertently.
- What if overlay fails.
- if her OS is older than WinMe, what if DirectX7 is not installed (Do U know her PC?)
RU shure you could troubleshot remotly?

If you target movie CDs for your aunt, I suggest you to choose your smallest movie to make an Autorun, with a step by step installation process and even a :?: button, to explain what and how. It'll be easier if you already now her PC.

Don't know if it helps :?

Marky 2nd April 2003 06:38 AM

I built her computer and shipped it to her, so I have good knowledge of her system. It runs XP Pro (using NTFS file system for "bulletproofness").

I've burned a number of movies that use 2 and 3 CD's that use the auto run (".bsi files) that have worked perfectly for friends and relatives that are computer literate (read that - installed a DivX bundle). But the elderly aunt (age 72) I'm concerned about knows where the OFF/ON switch is and that's about it. I've sent her short family videos (not compressed) that autorun just fine for her; but for longer movies I need to compress using DivX. Hence the need to figure out a way to have BPlay.exe utilize an unregistered DivX codec somehow - if that's possible at all.

If it is possible, I could see where BPlay.exe would go to the "Head of the Video Viewer's" class by a huge margin. It's already a great viewer!!!

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