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11th April 2003 03:29 AM

Tutorial for BSplayer
Hi, I am new to BSplayer. Can someone tell me where can I find a tutorial for using BSplayer, including how to make a autorun self-executable CD, how to make skins and all the hidden features or command of the player. I have search the forum , and I am getting more confuse after I read them, as someone say something is possible while others say it can't be done. Please help!

scotty81 11th April 2003 10:14 AM

you have a tiny bit of doc in the bsplayer install directory ( doc/ini_files.html )
this is how to do an ini file for bsplayer ( .bsi in fact ).

to create an autorun nobody gets to agree about how to make one,
some like to add menus, some don't some like to install bsplayer when the cd starts some don't!!

I don't really fancy autorun cds because it's not really that useful and people who have an "old" computer won't be able to read in the cd drive and will have to copy it on the hard drive!! ( and in that case the autorun is more a problem than an appreciated feature!! )

about skins go and check the forum " skins " there should be a ttutorial to building skins ( and don't fancy that stuff either )

about bsplayer itself you'll get to know it while you use it ( that's how I did )


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