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chris2k3 22nd April 2003 03:27 PM

Question about the command line and subtitles
Hi there :)
Is the DefaultSub=X of the ini file available in command line ?
I mean, is that possible for a movie wich contains 4 different langages to specify the one wich will be displayed but in command line ?
Thanks if you know !

charlystone 23rd April 2003 11:50 AM

Look in bsplay's "about", on the end of the text u will find this:

bplay "my movie.avi" "my subtitles.txt" -fs

chris2k3 23rd April 2003 12:49 PM

Hi !
I already knew that !
That's not my question !
Thanks anyway,
My question is to now if the DefaultSub=X is available through the command line or not !

charlystone 24th April 2003 12:48 PM

Oh! :oops:

I do not understand why anybody would like to set default subtitles through writing all parameters in the command line :?: For this we have ini files.

You can open subtitles through the command line, but not to set them as default. If you want some subtitles having as default without writing ini file, put them in the same directory as the movie file and give them the same name. Then they will be showed as default (MyMov.avi, MyMov.sub)

Hope this answers your Q

chris2k3 24th April 2003 03:10 PM

Hi !

Because the thing i want to do is to automatically choose one language of a vobsub subtitle containing several languages at start of BS
So ...

1/ Puting the vobsub file with same name of the movie in same dir, when playing movie, no problem, it starts with the first langage of subtitle and it displays okay the 4 langages in the menu

2/ Using bsi file with Sub1=english|vobsubfile.idx
and so on
Mess up the langage menu and doesnt work fine

note that Sub1=english|vobsubfile.sub
and so on
doesnt work, it displays the langages correctly in the menu but the show subtitles option is unreachable

what i want is a way to do the following :
bulding the ini file like

Dir : movie.avi
moviesubs.idx \
moviesubs.sub / contains subtitles in 4 langages

ini file
DefaultSub = whatever i want, 1,2,3 or 4

Without messing menu langage titles (there must be only 4 choices and auto display at start and not "show subtitles" unreachable

It looks impossible !

Thats my question, is it possible ?
And then, how ?
I cant succeed

So that's my problem !!!

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