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prkay 22nd April 2003 10:19 PM

Windows ME Autorun Help Please
I've tried a bunch of autorun programs, and tried writeing my own autorun with notepad,and makeing the .inf and .ini files. But most of the time i recieve an error when cd starts [movie cannot access the specific device,path,or file, you may not have the appropriate permission to access the item] Then when i try to open the drive by double clicking on it, i get [D;\ is not a valid Win 32 application]. Now i can open it, by right clicking on the drive, and when i double click on my .bsi file the movie starts. Now all i want is a simple program to auto start my movie. But it seems Windows ME wont let me start BSPlayer, and i,ve tried putting the path for the player in the autostart.inf file. Could anybody please help i'm going nuts here. Thank You

HackerWerger 22nd April 2003 10:32 PM

Re: Autorun in WinME
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Yeah, you've got a point in this.. Neither my autolauncher can find its settings.sav when it is written in cd in Win9x/Me. I solved that before but the current version has this terrible bug again!!!! :( :(
Anyway, I have included a .zip file that has everything you need! Check it and tell me. Also, be sure to activate the autorun function in the control panel>system>devices.

P.S: I will fix that in my next version of my launcher (you bet!)

I suppose Win9x/Me are evil!! :evil:

prkay 23rd April 2003 01:38 AM

Hello and thank you, well this opened my BSPlayer on autostart butdidn't start playing the movie. Now all i changed was NumberCD=1 and the Title= The Fast And The Furious and also FName=The_Fast_And_The_Furious.avi, Now where hafe way there. Any other ideas. Now these files weren't suppost to replace the files in HW_BSPlayer_Autorun, where they. I've just been burning them with my .avi file. Is this correct?

prkay 23rd April 2003 02:05 AM

Hello again , now all i'm intrested in , is the player starting the movie. I don't use any subtitles or anything else. I've made a player for DivX5.03 movies in my stereo rack, and all i want to do is put in the movie and it would start playig,all by itself. I can't thank you enough for youre help. Thanks Again

HackerWerger 23rd April 2003 11:42 AM

My mistake!! I mentioned HW BSplayer Autorun and I confused you! I was trying to say not to use my launcher!
So, you must use the files that are inside the .zip file in this forum. These two files (autorun.inf and bsplayer.ini), your movie and not any launcher must be placed into the root of your cd and the movie will start to play. I pasted below the necessary code to make it easy for you. :D
Autorun.inf :

OPEN=path to bsplayer (p.e.: c:\program files\BSplayer\bplay.exe)

BSplayer.ini :


Title=My movie


Now, if you want to launch a movie from your hard drive, you can't use the above method. Try to use my launcher instead but you must have folder without spaces! (p.e: c:\divx\mymovie.avi). HW BSplayer Autorun uses the buggy command line of BSplayer which doesn't allow spaces. That will change in future versions! :wink:

prkay 23rd April 2003 03:44 PM

HackerWerger, you just made my day. This worked like a charm, even with my .ogm files. I don't know how to thank you. Now, i think this will work on any OS, all of mine are Windows ME. Now maybe i can get some sleep, just one more question. Could you tell me the commad line for shut down computer when finnished. I love this feature, also would i have to exclude ExitAtEnd=1 feature, if i use the shut down computer when finnished feature ? I can't wait to see your'e new HW BSPlayer Autorun, could you give some idea when it will be finnished so i can keep a watch for it. Your'e the man HackerWerger. Thank You

prkay 24th April 2003 12:06 AM

I hope, you can include the the shut down computer when finnished feature,in your new vesion. I and alot of people at Gordian Knot, realy like this feature. Especially when you don't have to set it every time you play a movie. I tried a couple of things to make this feature work, with the autorun files you sent me, but no luck yet. Also in the last e-mail you sent, i did have to add the ICON=DivX.ico and i changed the SKIN=WinDVDplus2 because the other seemed a little corrupted. The player didn't show the X in the corner and the control buttons didn't look write. Now i'm not complaining at all, i just thought i should tell you, in case you had to forward this info to someone else again. So thanks again and if you have any idea on how to add the feature i requested please reply.

HackerWerger 24th April 2003 12:42 AM

Thank you prkay, you are helping me way to much!! :P
I will certainly add the shutdown function in my next version. It's not big deal. The hard part is to find the remaining time of the movie but I think I can "erase" that. :wink:
I know that the info I gave you isn't very clear.. However, BST should have provided such info and not me! Nevertheless, I will try to make a tutorial till my next update but I'm not sure if I will finish it cause the next version will have major changes. You understand that these changes require time.. So, I don't promise anything. And my next version will be postponed by 4-5 days. Too much to do! :roll:

P.S: You didn't tell me what exactly you do in GKnot? Are you a developer?

prkay 24th April 2003 01:59 AM

At Gordian Knot's i'm a senior member, but at home i build my own computers for me and others. But all in all i'm just a helpful guy like you. And i will pass this information along to everyone on the Gordian Knot forum. Now autostart for BSplayer has been pretty much given up by others, but not the player itself. BSplayer has been one of two player most used to play back DivX5.03 movies. Because i use the player like you for almost everythig, i've been determined to help others make this work. So onwards HackerWerger to your'e own work . And a big thanks from me and Gordian Knots forum.

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