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nao 1st May 2003 05:42 AM

color space problem
Please someone help me on this problem.

I have IBM laptop T20 model#2647-81u
I used to play divx encoded movies on that laptop without any problem.
But recently somehow graphics driver is screwed up or something,
when I try to play almost any type of video files, the color doesn’t come out right.
On my BS player, it comes with the error message say, �Display hardware is not capable of color space conversion. Switch to RGB�, and a movie plays in all green screen. So somehow it can’t play with YUY2 anymore. With other player, WMP, for instance, plays a movie a bit better than BS player (have more colors), but truly lack a quality of color. However, it still plays DVD (mpeg2) movies just fine.

But it was capable of playing any type of movie files with correct color before, as long as codecs are installed, and I know for sure, if I reinstall the OS, it will be fine again (because I did’t it once and it was okay for a while, and then this problem came back….)
So, I need to figure out the source of the problem this time, and I want to able to solve this problem without doing clean installation of OS over and over again.

I can’t think of any software that I installed in the recent past could interfere the video driver or color space configuration on my laptop.
Video chipset of the laptop is S3 Graphics Savage/IX 1014
I tried uninstall/reinstall the driver, but it doesn’t help at all.

Please someone help me out!

a1081918 12th June 2003 02:19 PM

Same computer, same problem
Hi, i have a IBM laptop too, not exactly the same machine, but a close match. I have the same damn problem. Could you contact me:

maybe we could help each other out...


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