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miguelobo 26th May 2003 02:18 PM

BSPlayer error - unknown file format (MP43)

I was trying to see a movie in divx in bsplayer, but the following message appear:

"Unknown file format (MP43)"

Because of that, it is not possible to see the movie in bsplayer, it only runs on the Divx player.
since the divx player do not support subtitles (I think!), I use the bsplayer.

I have the divx 505 Pro codec installed.

I would apreciate very much a help!!

Miguel Lobo

junglemike 27th May 2003 05:43 AM

The fact you receive this error probably means that you system has not any decoder installed that can handle (mp43) format - It is Microsoft Mpeg4 version3. Installing Divx is not enough ,cos Divx Filter can only decode Divx3(div3), Divx4 (divx) and divx5(dx50). I would recommend you installing decoder(filter) that could handle ALL mpeg-4 content - FFDSHOW filter, It can decode all divx(3,4,5) Xvid, MP43, mp42,mp41 and ohter formats. After you install this decoder(filter) you will not have any problem playing amy mpeg-4 file. Good Luck. [you can search ffdshow in Google]

mhanor 27th May 2003 08:05 PM

Go to Video tab in BSPlayer's options and select "Use DivX4 decoder for MP43...". If the the player doesn't return an error, but you can not see anything because the screen is permanently black, go to "DivX :-) 3.11" tab and set all the sliders (except CPU Quality) to 50.

Billdozer 27th October 2004 03:25 PM

ok.... so i downloaded ffdshow or w/e and now it works but they whole screen is upside down and reverse and its not just the file bc it did it for 2 movies already.... i need some help here... thanks

adicoto 27th October 2004 08:21 PM

Open FFDShow configuration and on the left panel scroll down to Miscelaneous. HEre you will find "Flip video". Enable it.

As for MP43, you can assign it to XviD when installing or by installing windows media player codecs 7 (or 8, I am notr sure)

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