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Bojidar 18th August 2003 07:59 AM

Increasing the sound level
Hi all,

Some movies Im watching are with lower sound level than the others, and because Im using 2x5W directly connected to my sound card (without amplifier), I almost can't hear the sound. Is there a way I can increase the sound, except from the Win's Volume Control and from BSPlayer? Some plug-in or something?

Thanks in advance,

Quietseb 19th August 2003 11:09 AM

You can try the dedynamic audio filter

can't remember where I got it though

elguaxo 19th August 2003 02:56 PM

Try this DSP Plugin, it works great with BSPlayer:

Compressor & Wider 1.1 for Winamp (46 KB)

BSPeter 21st August 2003 12:42 AM

DSP Plugins are - unfortunately- not always working.
I used "Enhancer", which (if it does work) does the trick quite capable.
However, you can also change the sound level in the video (.avi) file itself.
E.g. using VirtualDub
(Setting for video "Direct stream copy" and for audio "Full processing mode" and making use of the "Adjust volume of audio channels" option.)
I've "reworked" several videos in this way.

elguaxo 21st August 2003 01:32 PM

This particular DSP Plugin, 'Compressor & Wider 1.1 for Winamp', works just great with BSPlayer. Give it a try, 'reworking' the videos sounds really time consuming.

BSPeter 21st August 2003 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by elguaxo
'Compressor & Wider 1.1 for Winamp', works just great with BSPlayer. Give it a try.

Yes I agree, IF it works, both 'Compressor & Wider' as well as 'Enhancer' do their job. I've used both (and others), so I do know! :)
However, if they do (for whatever obscure :evil: reason ) not work, you can keep on to "give it a try", but to no avail, I'm afraid. :?
Further, with respect to:

'reworking' the videos sounds really time consuming.
I assure you, maybe it sounds (good choice of word in this context by the way :lol: ) time consuming to you, in reality it isn't!
(unless you have a pre-historic PC which still runs on steam, but I cannot imagine this might be the case for you)

adicoto 21st August 2003 08:27 PM

Sorry, but I did not manage to make this plugin to work with AC3 streams.
Some of us don't have so new computers. Watching a movie requires something like 800 MHz CPU and 128 MB ram. But to process the sound on this configuration is indeed time consuming.
And the second problem, virtualdub can't handle AC3 !

BSPeter 21st August 2003 11:52 PM


Originally Posted by adicoto
But to process the sound on this configuration is indeed time consuming.

C'mon guys, don't exaggerate; even with such a PC we're still measuring time in minutes instead of in hours isn't it? Start it before lunch or dinner and by the time you're finished, so is VirtualDub. And certainly if you compare this time to the time for the creation (or downloading) of a video-file? Well what more can I say? Perhaps what one finds "time consuming" is quite acceptable for another, so that we're all right (or wrong, depending on what one's personal perception is)!

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