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BSPeter 21st August 2003 11:13 PM

Build 501 available as nightly build!
[Fyi (and referring to my earlier posts about the non-functioning of DSP-filters) I substituted bplay.exe and bsrendv.dll in my existing installation by old versions and then both DSP plugins and Dedynamic did work!]
However that is not the reason and subject of this post, but it is ...

just to let you know that build 501 is available as a nightly build. :P It contains an additional .dll.
There is an additional TAB in "Preferences" named "DVB broadcast client" where you can define MPEG2 video/Audio decoders.
Further equalizer is not greyed out. Didn't check yet whether it works.
(DSP plugins still do not work, nor does dedynamic filter.)

Alain2 18th October 2003 10:59 AM


About this DVB tab, can you explain a bit more what it is for?

I have a digital TV receiver plugged to my computer (DVB Terrestrial), would it be possible one day to receive digital TV streams within BS Player? That would be great, as the soft given with my DVB adaptor is really buggy (and it's the lastest versions I downloaded from Hauppauge)


adicoto 19th October 2003 07:50 AM

In the past BSPlayer had some problems with MPEG2 files. Here you can select wich MPEG2 decoder to use.
But, why to inplement that if in the future you don't intend to use'it as DVB reciever :lol: ?
So, let's hope.

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