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puidon 18th July 2002 05:38 AM

what is the function stated in 0.84 RC4
Also decoder filters can now be dynamically loaded.
Usefull for people who don't have administrative rights or don't want to register them.
Just put filters in player directory.

For ex. if you have DivX 3 compressed AVI with MPEG Layer III (mp3) sound, you need to put and in player directory and movie will play fine.
(Note: DivX 4 can also be used to decode DivX 3 files)

above are copied from release notes of 0.84 RC4

I wonder how decoder filter can dynamically loaded
is there a internal list for which files for which filters?

I have chnaged the name of to other and then bsplayer
don't recognize that and popup a error message said that
error file format : div3

If there is , is it possible to customize it?

I can only use divx 3 filters dynamically, but not other like
divx 4 / 5 / ffdshow filters
even if I specify them in bspfilters.dat

puidon 4th August 2002 03:49 AM

is there anybody please answer me ... :cry:

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