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CRASH 26th September 2003 06:21 PM

I can´t see the letters ?„ ?? ˇ What can I do?
Hello I am from Argentine, my languaje is Spanish, and when I try to see subtitles that have the letters:
- ?„
- ??
- ˇ

On the screen I see something like ^
I try to cnage the Type of letter and I put Oriental, Occidental, etc but the problem don't disapeare.

What can I do??

BSPeter 26th September 2003 09:28 PM

I understand you've already tried switching to another font as well as switching to different scripts already?
Strange that e.g. ???„ˇ don't properly show then, as they should.
Are you sure the subtitle file itself is correct?
(Most subtitle-files are text based, so if you load it in Notepad you should be able to verify)

CRASH 27th September 2003 02:12 PM

I resolve the problem
I put Arial and Occidental and it run OK

Sorry about my english

Now the second question is:
How can I make an .ini file that especify Arial, 26, and "Occidental"

I know how to put Arial ,26 but ??Occidental? How I do?
I am using this in the ini file:



BSPeter 27th September 2003 06:33 PM

Is it necessary for you to change script once it works ?
Further, if you wish to keep type of font and color as chosen, you can select "Save subtitle font settings" on "Subtitles"-tab of "Options"/"Preferences".
(I personally would advise to also check "Use outline font").
You don't necessarily need ini (bsi) files.
If you do want to use inifiles, why don't you have a look if Matimott's Inimaker isn't an easy utility for you? (See item 7 of Help to Help hereunder)

Quietseb 27th September 2003 10:44 PM

subtitle font settings can be recorded for ini files just by pressing F10 while playing a movie: a file named opt.txt will be created [I guess it's created in the bsplayer directory]

if I remember correctly, the script is given by the second number starting from the right in the following line

in your example, it's the 1

Occidental would be 0 (if I remember correctly again)

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