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Priapulidae 23rd October 2003 07:41 PM

Question about portprocessing
Hello :)

I'm pretty new to A/V on computers but tryin to learn, so here's a newbie question for you...

What is postprocessing really? Is it done by the BSPlayer automatically? I was told to download "ffdshow" for its postprocessing capabilities but is this "filter" acive while i play from bsplayer, I mean, do the settings in ffdshow affect how stuff is played in bsplayer...i mean how does the player know I have it installed :P

Very thankful for some basic knowledge on this, as you can see I have no clue hehe

Quietseb 23rd October 2003 09:35 PM

on this page, you'll find an explanation of what post processing does:
[it's related to an old divx version, but the principles don't change; look for 'Default decoder postprocessing level' in the page to find the interesting part.]

basically: the highest the post-processing level, the better the picture (to a certain extent of course) but also the hardest the CPU charge required.
If you have a slow processor, you should probably set the post processing to a low level

post processing is done by the decoder (in your case, ffdshow). you can set the post processing level in ffdshow itself.
also bsplayer offers some shortcuts to increase/decrease the post processing level in ffdshow (meaning: bsplayer tells to ffdshow to modify a parameter; but the post processing is still done by ffdshow)

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