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eiriniak 31st December 2014 09:58 AM

full screen problem
hi there guys,
i m facing a bit of a problem out of the blue with the full screen option of bs player. to be specific, when a movie starts and i go full screen it has something like a zoom in that i can't change. i m trying to change different options but nothing seems to work. i even uninstalled and downloaded bs player again and it's the same. how do i manage to go full screen without zooming in ?? i m starting to hit my limit. any help would be much appreciated. thanks!!

adicoto 31st December 2014 10:18 AM

It's possible you hit a key by mistake. So try to press the numpad key 5 to reset to normal.
Also, it's possible that this problem occurs after another program used/it's using the overlay In this case, try to change the rendering methode from preferences -> video -> rendering methode (swich to internal renderer, play a file -> swich back to EVR)

eiriniak 31st December 2014 12:14 PM

thanks a bunch! it was just the numpad key 5. you saved me from a nervous breakdown... have a nice day:happyroll:

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