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johnny 16th November 2003 08:54 PM

3 questions on bsplayer..

i hope you can help me out.

1.) i want to change the language again? i have installed the german version but i'd like to switch to english. how do i do?

2.) why does the movie window not close down when i [stop] the movie? i know it closes down when i select the option to shut down movie at the end. but i want to close the movie window when i simply stop the film. i always have to restart the player to close the open window. thats annoying (a bit)

3.) how do i let the player always be on top? that feature seems not to work. when i d/l movies and open other browserwindows, the player always vanishes behind the new window.

thanks in advance.
(if you want to answer in german you can)


BSPeter 19th November 2003 01:17 AM

  1. After a "right-click" choose "Options" then "Language" and subsequently select "German"
  2. In stead of using [Stop]-button, use "right click" followed by "Close file"
  3. What build (version) of BSPlayer are you using?
(P.S. In build 501 or earlier you will have to choose "Other menu" first when you have "right-clicked" in the movie-window instead of on the control panel)

(Deutsch is nicht meine beste Sprache; also antworte Ich doch lieber in Englisch. Bedaure!)

johnny 20th November 2003 09:23 PM

you are the man! thanks for that answeres. question 1 and 2 are history.

ad 3.

i'm using the new one rc1.
i hit the "always on top button" - open a new browser window and the player is gone. i always have to click the player-taskbar to make it appear again.

or is this featured supposed to wiork like that?

when i click "always on top" the player is not allowed to get covered by other windows. am i right? or did i get something wrong?

thank you!

(you are doing quite well with your german. dont ask HOW LONG i had to learn to be able to speak this little english. and i'm not able to speak it fluently tough)

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