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25th November 2003 09:26 AM

BSplayer and vobsub
i'm getting confused with the interaction between bsplayer 1.0rc and vobsub. I have both installed and with build 800 bsplayer prevented vobsub from loading when a subtitles files was found in the same directory of the video file. Now with build 803, vobsub automatically loads itself and the result is the subs being displayed twice (one by vobsub and one by bsplayer).

How is this intended to work ??

Which are the correct settings for both bsplayer and vobsub ? Do i have to disable one of the two ? which one ?
If I disable the subs in the bsplayer options menu, do i also disable vobsub ?


scotty81 25th November 2003 09:37 AM

vobsub loads the sub file and displays it if the avi et the sub have the exact same name.

if you don't want vobsub to display the subs, you can name the subs diffeently than the movie , and then you can either load them with rightclick -> load Subtitles or with a bsi file ( see Bsplayer\doc\ini_file.htm )

hope this can help you

enryfox 25th November 2003 10:12 AM

Thanks for yor reply,

What you said is exactly what i used to to with all bsplayer versions prior to 1.0rc. But with build 800 even if avi and subs have the same identical file nime, vobsub is not autmatically loaded; if i try to play the avi with wmplayer then vobsub is loaded as expectd. That's why I think that with this specific build vobsub is, in some way, disabled.

Now everything is back as it used to be with build 803. Anyway i think the best solution is to disable subs in bsplayer and have them handled by vobsub, which has a slighthly better engine and also supports more formats (smi is not loaded by bsplayer)

I have another doubt (still haven't had the time to test it): to display subs in vobsub format (.idx and .sub files) bsplayer used to relay on vobsub engine and not on its internal engine (as it does with all the "text" format subs), so disabling subs in bsplayer ment disabling also subs in vobsub. Is it the same with 1.0 builds ?


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