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hobgoblin 29th November 2003 06:25 PM

divx + elecard = choppy playback at times...
i had a problem lately that some divx movies had a kind of choppy or stuttering playback (will stop for a second and then race along again).

after some digging and finding out that the divxplayer that comes with the divx bundle didnt have this problem i was a bit confused as to what could be the source.

well now i have found it. it was elecard mpeg2 player. its filters had a bad habbit of being put into the mix under playback for some reason. after deregistering it playback was smooth as ever :)

so if your haveing a problem playing divx and have elecard installed, try to deregister or uninstall it...

pietro 1st December 2003 12:29 AM

I installed the Elecard filters to see if that would stop my mpegs playing upside down in version1.803 (they didn't)

I also had the choppiness with AVIs and in the end had to do "system restore" to get rid of Elecard.

I'm sorry to say that I've had so many problems with ALL versions of BS PLayer I have gone back to the STABLE Cinematograph.

In theory BSPlayer is great but it never lives up to expectations (for me anyway) And yes I realise it's free.

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