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massong 10th December 2003 01:51 AM

Problem: Video is 'zoomed in' about 30%
First off, BSPlayer is great, I love it ! However.. I am having a problem:

I recently insall Build 501 dated Sept 16th and everything seemed fine.

I decided I should check out the new version so I installed Build 803 dated Nov 24th and I started to notice a problem.

All of my video's are "zoomed in" about 40% . The result of this is that all of my movies are cut off on the top and bottom on the sides, I can basically only see the center portions of each movie , as if I had selected an area in the center of the movie display and blown that area to full screen.

Is there some way to return this 'zoomed in' video to normal? It's a problem on every video format I try to play.

If I launch the same video file in Windows Media Player 9 (booo hiss hiss) it plays fine.

The problem is occuring now in both versions of BSPlayer, I can't say for sure if the problem was not happening right from my initial install of BSPlayer, I just noticed it when I installed the newer version.

BSPeter 10th December 2003 10:03 PM

Please check status of "Remember"-settings (Pan-Scan and/or Zoom) under "Options"/"Preferences"/"Video".
Deselect/uncheck if set. What happens if you press [5] on your numeric key-board?

massong 11th December 2003 01:40 AM

Thanks, I was able to fix my problem, although it was not quite what you said, it did point me in the correct direction.

The Remember Pan-Scan option was checked, I cleared it. This didn't fix my problem though.

Pressing 5 did not seem to have any effect on the video at all.

However, I noticed the "Use Overlay" option Checked and Mode 1 was selected.

I made a guess and cleared the 'Use Overlay' option and my problem was solved.

I went back and tried using Overlay Mode 1 and Mode 2, both had this problem for me, but with the option cleared things are fine.

Thanks for the help.


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