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mrfrank 23rd February 2004 11:24 AM

traditional chinese subtitles bug!?
Dear all,

as I previously posted in

I have a strange behaviour of subtitles when a chinese font is selected to show chinese subtitles in traditional chinese.

Basically, the problem is that some lines of the subtitles occasionally appear horizontally cut, because bsplayer goes to a new line at the previous line, even if it should not.
If I open the .srt files in Word, the subtitles all appear correctly. I also managed to show them correctly with directvobsub.
I noticed, by opening the .srt files in question, that at the lines where bsplayer shows the problem there isn't a line break, but still the line is broken in bsplayer at the show time...this makes me think that bsplayer is expecting a single line and allocates the space for that, but instead it displays two lines, as if there was a line break in the .srt file. Hence, the second line is only shown partially (cos it goes outside the subtitles box).

It must be a problem with the way bsplayer handles the chinses encoding, perhaps it makes some mistakes with particular combination of char codes.

If not, why is it that I can see the subtitles properly with directvobsub?

Please, my previous post was not considered at all. Can anybody tell me anything, please?


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