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Mark Blue 25th February 2004 03:09 PM

Win Amp DSP Plug in. Still Having Loading Problems!
Hey Guys! I have used the "Search Funtion" the last couple of days and I can't seem to find the info I am needing. I have loaded "Enhancer" in the previous version of BS Player with no problem, but I am having no luck in getting it loaded on the recent version. I keep thinking that I am installing it in the wrong "plug in" folder or something. Are there some versions of BS Player that WinAmp Plug ins will not load? Could someone give me a "quick' pointer in installing and loading WinAmp DSP Plug ins or post a link to a previous post that has this info. I really miss my "Enhancer" on my BS Player! Thanks!

Quietseb 25th February 2004 11:03 PM

Well I use the Enhancer plugin as well with no problem as far as I can tell...
IIRC I installed it with build 800 then I updraged BSPlayer to build 805 directly (by replacing the exe). Anyway whatever your installation method should have no influence.

In preferences, audio, winamp2 DSP plugins, I have only 'enable winamp DSP plugin' checked; the plugin directory field is empty => I'm using the default, which is [bsplayer_install_dir]\plugins\Winamp\

in this directory I have copied the dsp_enh.dll file + a '\Enhancer\017\' subdir in which are found the skins and settings files for Enhancer (I have Enhancer v 0.17, dunno if there are any others)...

Back to BSPlayer's preferences, audio, winamp2 DSP plugins, I can select this particular plugin...
when playing a movie, I can check it is loaded and I can configure it: right-click->audio->DSP Plugin

Anything different for you ?

Mark Blue 26th February 2004 05:56 AM

Thank You Quietseb! I followed your directions on the installation and I am back in business with my Enhancer! I wasn't getting it in the right folders, but now I am back on course! Thanks again, I do appreciate your help and info!

Quietseb 26th February 2004 12:00 PM


just as an afterthought for possible other readers:
bsplayer must be restarted when checking/unchecking 'enable winamp DSP plugin' for the change to be effective
When only switching DSP plugin, just clicking 'load' is ok

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