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pres1993 4th March 2004 07:08 PM

AVI problem
When i play Avi files on BSplayer, i've a black screen with green parallel diagonales ; for the sound all is OK and i can play all movies on windows media player but i want to know why ?????!!!!!!

BSPeter 4th March 2004 09:54 PM

Maybe an older version of XViD (or fddshow)?
Do you have DivX5.1.1. installed?
Please check (e.g. using GSpot; see 2nd item of my Help to Help post (link at bottom)) what (compression) codec is used to create your avi (or rather which codec is required to play it).
(Note: also try direct show render at bottom of GSpot!)
Let us know what GSpot reports

pres1993 5th March 2004 07:07 PM

so first, i'm on windows 98 (4.10 generation 2222) with a celeron processor (MMX ~430MHz ; 62 Mb RAM), DirectX 9.0b (4.09.0000.0902) and intel 810 chipset graphic driver (version 4.11.0001.1272 ; pilote i81xdw9x.drv),
second, Gspot says for the video : 4CC : DX50/divX, name : divX 5.0 =>4compatibles codec ; and for the audio : name : 0x0055 (MP3) =>4 compatibles codec.
And "DirectShow claims to be able to play the file. the following combination of filters were used"
reading some "bug report" (or other) i've tryed to change quartz.dll because i've had a message "file is corrupted, seking will be very slow" when i played Avi files. but when i've changed quartz.dll ,i've had an other message : i've not directshow !!!!!!! so i replace the old quartz.dll and i've no message yet with Avi files but only the black screen with diagonales stipes (not only green)
if you don't understand it's maybe because i'm french and i surely make some mistake, so excuse me.
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!

pres1993 5th March 2004 08:15 PM

I forget : the version of BSPlayer is the (from the 28 Feb) ; i download it with K-lite codec pack 100 (with wmp classic).
do you want more informations ?

adicoto 5th March 2004 09:46 PM

Probably an older version of ffdshow has taken over the decoding job. Try to uninstall or to update ffdshow, and install DivX 5.11

pres1993 6th March 2004 01:07 AM

i don't find ffdshow on my C:
do you think i really need it to playback Avi movies on BSPlayer ?
and why do this movies go on media player ?

adicoto 6th March 2004 07:46 AM

WMP and BSPlayer uses different codecs for decompresing files. WMP can use it'e built-in filters for that.
No, ffdshow is not a requirement. If you have latest DivX and latest XviD all should work ok. So try to update them using my link.

Edited: After re-reading your post, on your computer, wich is very slow I recommend to uninstall DivX and XviD and to install ffdshow.

pres1993 6th March 2004 10:06 PM

Thank you :D
i download and install ffdshow without uninstalling divx and xvid, and all work very well now
i read all my files with BSplayer and that's what i wanted.

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