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ray 30th April 2004 06:03 AM

damn pixels
i just recently bought an awesome computer... the video card is really great.

i've installed bsplayer and all the kazaa lite codec pack.

i've noticed that on full screen there are pixels that weren't there before... there was something in bsplayer that made the pixels go away on full screen, something that smoothed out the lines and made them less harsh..

that was really cool. that's what distinguished bsplayer from the other players. i was wondering what this change is due to...
something within bsplayer?
a part of the k-lite codec pack i need to activate?

BSPeter 30th April 2004 09:48 AM

Unfortunately it's not entirely clear what your problem is ("on full screen there are pixels that weren't there before"). Perhaps you could try to explain in other words?
I think it is most probably (also) related to a codec you installed.
E.g. if you're using DivX 5.1.1 check its quality settings: [Start] > Programms > DivX > DivX codec > Decoder Configuration Utility. (If you select "Support Generic Mpeg-4", DivX also plays XviD-encoded movies; "Yuv Extended Mode" should be deselected if you wish to have access to "Picture properties" (i.e. Brightness, Contrast and Saturation)).
In this connection I noticed you installed K-Lite codec pack, which - I've seen - nowadays comes in three versions: Basic, Standard and Full (and there is even an extended version Mega Codec Pack which i.a. includes BSPlayer's previous build 807). So its unclear what you did and/or didn't install.
General advice and warning re the use of codec packs:
In most situations, you do not need to install codec/filter packs and certainly not every codec/filter that comes with these packs. In fact, you may run into problems if you install too many codec/filters on your computer. It is highly recommended that you only install the codec/filters that you absolutely need.
In this connection please also refer to this post by adicoto.

rulle 30th April 2004 05:01 PM

Maybe you've disabled the overlay mixer (overlay mode 2)

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