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bjornhb 5th June 2004 02:41 PM

TV pic too small (bsp0.86-501, gfx5200, pal)
I'm using BSP 0.86 build 501 and have a gfx5200. I also have a cat named Brandur. :roll:

When plugged to a TV (PAL), BSP has suddenly decided to not just copy what's seen on the monitor to TV (as it used to do), but rather intelligently show the running film in the TV irrespective of what's on the monitor. This is a nice feature I have seen in WinDVD4, but was unaware that BSP was capable of.
What settings control this feature???
The picture shown on the TV is much too small. It's left aligned, but otherwise has large borders. I'd guess it's roughly 60% of correct size (US size?).
When testing with WinDVD the size is correct on the TV, so I assume the problem is with some BSP settings. Which are those???

bjornhb 10th June 2004 11:59 AM

I uninstalled and switched to newest 1.00, and the problem went away.

Of course I'm still clueless about the settings I really should have changed!

BSPlayers lack of documentation and FAQs is kind of frightening.
Given its popularity and the amount of technical terms and settings to fiddle with, some docs are really required.


dduke 16th June 2004 11:34 PM

are you using clone mode? what type of video card?

DragonFighter 17th June 2004 12:02 AM

@ bjornhb: Don't forget that BSplayer is Freeware with NO spyware/adware..

As a matter of fact, there is available an unofficial faq documentation here. I will update it soon. 8)

Nevertheless, a help documentation is a must.. :roll:

bjornhb 17th June 2004 12:45 PM

dduke! I'm using an nvidia gforce fx5200 (from sparkle) with recent drivers. The card is set at "clone", so for example at machine startup and at windows desktop, what's on screen is copied to tv. The desktop-clone was also how BSPlayer used to show films on tv until recently.

DragonFighter! Thanks for the unofficial faq!!! It handles some questions I was getting mad trying to find answers to.
Anyway, everything is better than nothing obviously. So I would suggest that the official website's "faq" point to the unofficial faq asap.

dduke 25th June 2004 09:57 AM

im using the same card with svhs out to ntsc tv and also set to clone mode.

have you tried playing with:
fx5200 control panel>full screen video>full screen device
fx5200 cpl>nview display mode>TV (1b)>device settings>device adjusments

what resolution is your tv out set to?

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