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Grillo 2nd July 2004 06:06 PM

green dots on screen--solution
First at all i want to say hi everybody..hope my bad english can help you :wink:

I have solved the "green dots screen problem"..
I installed the XVID codec >"XviD-04102002-1 _ALPHA_"<, released on March 2, 2002

the green dots on screen gone after the instalation.. :D
if any body wants this version of XVID i can send you by e-mail

You need to do this steps:

1-remove the current XVID codec
2-Remove the DIVX 5.1 codec
3-Install the XVID codec (version 04102002-1)
4-Install again the DIVX 5.1 codec (if you want)

adicoto 2nd July 2004 06:55 PM

Or better uninstall codec pack and install divx 5.11 and xvid 1.01.

cootmaster 2nd July 2004 10:03 PM

why does the movie play fine at my house i put newest 103 player 809 in here and my friends its SAME codecs as me he gets green screen w stripes

adicoto 2nd July 2004 10:51 PM

That is why nobody here on this forum don't reccomend codec packs. In fact most of us advise not to use them. I've seen how much bad can do a codec pack to Windows itself. Uninstall one and nothing work any more. You may even get to reinstall windows. So, depending on computer configuration, pre-installed codecs and so, you get different things with the same codecpack. And when they are released, some of the filters\codecs included are outdated.
Today some XviD encoded movies require at least XviD 1RC4 to be played. Older versions don't decode any more. So, try to keep updated with codecs, not with codec packs.

cootmaster 2nd July 2004 11:02 PM

ok i have k lite in mine and xp 99% things work ok
his is 2000 on a laptop most his things on his seem work
i have codec pack so i dont have to have one foe WMP QT RP...
i had divx player but coec kite works for me

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