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lordmajax 6th July 2004 07:18 PM

Newbie needs some tech advice
I have about 10 different players now..including the bs player. I was wondering if I can get rid of some of the players now that I have the bsplayer? I would guess so since there's no point in having the bsplayer which plays almost everything and then 10 other players taking up space. I have mp9, mpclassic, Real media, VLC, quicktime, divx...etc...Can I remove any of these players? I know I need the codecs but is there a way to remove the programs and just get like a codec pack?

BSPeter 6th July 2004 07:25 PM

I would advise to stay away from codec-packs, but instead install the individual codecs if you need them. (If you install to many codecs and other "goodies" which codec-packs not unusually contain, the possibility of problems by conflicts increases.)
Have a look e.g. here and at adicoto's list of codecs

iradic 6th July 2004 09:43 PM

my sugestion:
leave wmp9, real and qtime as they are used in internet pages - streaming media formats...
use mpc as test player cause it has lots of built in codecs so u can check is it file or system problem .... (i also use mplayer from as a test player ) (also graphedit helps to see what directshow filters are used on playback)....
and of course bsplayer as a everyday player ...

some hints:
if u keep realplayer and register (search for gabest and - it's on ) u can watch realmedia files with bsplayer (local playback only)... for quick time there is no solution i think (at least working one)...

some experience:
i never installed wmp9 caouse of its slow loading and not so many features.... stick with wmp 6.4 if u can...

artam 6th July 2004 10:15 PM

There is no problem playing QT movies with bsplayer, just have the QT codec installed. I have qt ver 6.5 and bsplayer works fine, the only problem is that you have to choose "All files" in the file open dialog, the Media files type will not display *.mov files in the directory.

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