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MtK 8th July 2004 01:40 PM

Black screen on multi-CD movies
I have a multi-CD movie played through the TV-Out.
whenever the first CD ends, it starts the second CD, but the screen goes black.
I can hear the sound, but see no picture nor subtitles...

Important Info:
It happens only in full-screen.
It happens only with BSPlayer. (checked WMP)
On my LG monitor it works just fine.
I have tried playing with the overlay options.
I have DirectX 9.0b
Ati Readon 9000 PRO, Catalyst 4.7

Any Ideas?

kylek 8th July 2004 09:50 PM

The ini "How to" file in the BSPlayer directory says that ini files are "Not yet fully supported" in the current versions so the problems may be something they are currently working on...

But I've had the same problem with the ini files -- screen goes blank when swithcing between files (not every time, but more than desirable). I also experience the player jumping to the wrong times when switching between chapters on different parts of a video. For example, if i'm on chapter 2 (video file 1) and switch to chapter 12 (video file 2) the player switches to video file 2 but instead of chapter 12 it goes to the time that the first video was at when I tried to switch to chapter 12.

Note: I have only tested these ini files on local avi files, not CD's or mounted videos.

*Using Windows 98se :oops:

MtK 8th July 2004 11:28 PM

Thanks, kylek...

You didn't solve the problem, but you enlighten a sertain way...
I'm using .BSI files (which are actually INI's)...

I tried showing the movie without them, & it works just fine...

I tried changing the INI, but no good...

10x again...

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