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savante 24th November 2002 11:58 PM

Can't adjust Brighness or Contrast in bsplayer, winXP
Having problems with the adjustment of Brighness and Contrast when playing DivX movies. I have reinstalled my winXP and the codecs but after that I can't change the properties brightness and contrast in bsplayer ? have tried everything I can think of. So if someone have a solution to it PLEASE help me or if someone have the same problems please contact me, we might be able to work it out.

Many thank


Deadmeat 25th November 2002 05:06 PM

Are you certain the file your trying to change brightness with is a divx4/5 movie? Test it with an app called Gspot, this will tell you what the codec the file is using..

Get it here..

xlv600 25th November 2002 11:20 PM

It's normal if you have checked the "YUV extended mode" in the Divx5.02 filter quality settings. In that case, Brightness/Contrast/Saturation are disabled.

savante 27th November 2002 05:01 PM

I have tried everything but finaly I gave up an reinstalled winXP, MICROSOF sucks, det funkar nu :) Alson downloaded the latest ver of BSPlayer, got a new problem though :( VobSub wont start with BS but starts with Mplayer....

loyalle 2nd December 2002 10:19 PM

your file extensions like *.mpg,*.avi have been defaulted to windows media player, so all u have to do is register the extensions at the properties window of bsplayer.. or u could add this action in the "edit file type" under folder options of my computer: Play - the application is * D:\BSPLAY\BPLAY.EXE "%L" * (excluding the stars!) manually for Movie File (MPEG) and Movie File (AVI) - this is the long process but it should work for sure. anyway i'm sure u've solved this problem but others might need this help so feel free to ask any problems ok =)

xlv600 2nd December 2002 11:53 PM

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I agree, that some times it's difficult to reinstall vobsub and make it work with BSPlayer. Several settings may conflict: especially when using BSI files and/or autoload filters.

[Here I comment my life, you can bypass if you're in the hurry :wink: Last week, I was in big troubles, coz I've made several upgrades on drivers and material and found that BSPlayer freezes with an audio endless loop in all my movies.
I've made tests, booting several OS partitions, with the same hardware and made it evident that it was not hardware related. It was due to the last driver update for my palit Radeon VE, ATI catalyst v2.74 for XP!!! (newer is not always better :evil: ). I've restored previous v2.72 and now, it works perfectly again.
But it took me a long time to make vobsub work again. And would maybe far more if Vobsub and BSplayer didn't provide debugging facilities...
Most of the time there is no problem to load the DVobsub filter, the difficulty is to show subtitles.]

Then, my step by step advices are:
- Remove vobsub.dll, unrar.dll and, if any, from your bsplayer directories.
- Then re-install the last vobsub (currently v2.20).
- Run the ClearReg utility to remove BSPlayer settings from registry.
- Avoid bsfilters.dat side effect (if any, just rename it or comment out unnecessary filters in it)
- Make sure BSPlay.exe and BSrendv.dll are from build 492 (11/20/02).
- Run a DIVX movie having subs that you know all right, with standard BSPlayer.
- Pause the movie and enter in DVobSub properties:
o In Main Tab, uncheck Override placement, Apply. Launch config dialog and make shure that the red block is centered (X=Y=0).
o In General Tab, select Original height for picture size. Select Never load (BSplayer will do it! )
o In Misc Tab, uncheck Hide subtitles, check Show OSD statistics (just for debugging) and Apply . I checked Pre-buffer and Auto-reload too, but it shouldn't make any difference here.
o Everything else is set to default.
- Play the movie again and see by yourself.

If you still don't manage to see your subs, then download the debug version, unzip in a temporary directory, rename the included Bsplay.exe into 492d.exe (for instance) and drop it in your standard BSPlayer directory. Run it and use L command to load the movie from inside the player. Play a while and exit. Look at c:\bsplayer.log with notepad to see the effect of your settings.

Warning:If, like me, you're used to open a movie instead of running first the player and load a movie, then take care that the log file grows up each time you run the debug version.
BSPlayer store it's path in the registry each time you run it. Then, if you run the debug version once, each subsequent time you open a movie, it will launch the debug version. You have to run standard version once again to restore the correct path in the registry.

For your convenience I've attached my settings to this post.
It's en exportation of my registry key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BST\bsplayer]
(I've just removed some pathes that won't match in your system.)
If you use it, you'll see I've checked Remember last movie, wich is very usefull, especially for debugging.

OK now, I hope it helps.

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