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Vince1133 17th November 2004 06:35 PM

Audio-video synchronisation ?
Hi everyone,
I have used BS Player for quite a long time, but one thing I don't understand is about the audio-vid synchro. When I read a divx everything is fine for a couple of minutes, then at some intervals it seems there 's a slight desynchronisation of the video and the audio. To "make up" for the gap the video part accelerates suddenly, and some of the audio is cut out. All this takes 1 or 2 seconds, after that it's ok, then here we go again...

I run under XP, with a XP 1600+ and 256 DDR RAM, so theoretically it should be enough to read divx without problems. It is the same when I record some programs and convert them to xvids. Should I buy another 256 Mb ? Thanks for any answer

LSDSkunk 18th November 2004 09:58 PM

A quick fix is to raise the process priority for BSPlayer a bit.
In the settings window in BSPlayer, just raise "Process priority" to "Above normal".
If this doesn't work, just try raising it one more step.

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