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Mark Blue 3rd January 2005 01:53 PM

Having "Weird" problem with "Frame Capture&qu
Hello guys! I have got the most recent version of BS Player and I have had no problems with it till recently with my "frame capture" function. I know most people who have had problems with this function either need to change their overlay modes or change their YUY2 toYu12 or vice versa. I have never had any problem before with my frame capture option. Now all of a sudden when I pause my movie and try to capture a frame, my BS player completely locks up and I must exit my BS Player and open it up again. Has anybody had this "particular" problem with their BS Player crashing and locking up when trying to capture a frame. As usual, I am thinking that this problem is something I have done on my end, but I have uninstalled/installed my player and I am still having this crash problem. I love BS Player! it is number one in my book, but I would sure love to get a fix on this "video capture" crash problem I have been having lately! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

Mark Blue 3rd January 2005 07:43 PM

To whom it may concern! I uninstalled/installed my player again, and presto!, I am able to capture images again. I am not sure what the problem was, but as of now I am back captureing frames once again. One question. In the "preferences" section(General), you can either click "YV12 Formats" or "YUY2 Formats" to convert captured images in software. Now, if a person is not too careful you can actually have both choices clicked instead of the "One" format that you need. Would having both options checked instead of one or the other would cause any sort of problems with the player or would it just cancell both options? Anyway, my BS Player is really kickin' right now so I will get back to my flicks!

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