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cherok 9th January 2005 09:29 PM

I know it's cold, but BSPlayer should'nt be shivering..
I try to play a regular movie file that has been re-encoded at 23 frames per second from what I presume was originally a 29FPS source. As a result, BS player, (And every other player for that matter) plays the movie jaggedly almsot as if.. you guessed it, frames were missing!

Is there some kind of a smoothing or blending technique that I could use to smooth these movies out? The audio on the files is perfectly in synch, it is only the video tahat has trouble keeping a regular pace.

Could I maybe Re-encode the file to work properly, or at least be presentable? Can BSPlayer Pro do that?


Great product and helpful forum By the way. I really like it when admin actually helps clients with their problems as opposed to.. well , not helping them.

adicoto 9th January 2005 11:02 PM

Usually, changing framerate don't do that, unless the "decimate" option is not enabled. Probably the file was converted from a NTSC source, witout ICDT. Or it was captured like this, with frames missing, due the lack of power to encode the file while capturing.
In VirtualDub maybe temporal smoother can help, but I am not sure what can do.

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