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iparralde 17th January 2005 05:41 PM

audio ok, black screen
Hi, I´m a newbie in BSP. My problem is that i get the audio correctly, but I can´t manage to get the video. I´ve tried installing and uninstalling different codec and codec packs, including the codecs recommended in this forum but all I get is a black screen. Could someone help me?
If I go to preferences-video, I see as tthese options as if they were disabled : divx 3.11 preferences, divx 4+ preferences , and FFD show preferences.
Is there anything I do wrong?

BSPeter 17th January 2005 07:46 PM

Please check out item 3 of this post
and let us know what GSpot tells.
(Or maybe we are talking about mpeg?; then check out adicoto's list of codecs; you can find this following the link at the last line of item 4 of the same post)

iparralde 17th January 2005 11:14 PM

Thanks, BSPeter. I´ll try.
I load a file ( Rumble fish ( divx5.05)(dual.esp-ing) ) with GSpot.It says :

Video codec :

4CC : DX50 Name: DIVX 5.0
Stat : 4 compatible codecs installed

Audio codec:

Name: 0*0055(MP3)ID´s as MPEG-1 Lay
Stat : Codec is installed

Render: Rendering successful
DirectShow claims to be able to play the file
Filters used:
Splitter : AVI Splitter
Video Decoder: DivX Decoder Filter
Video Post-processor: Unspecified VFW codec
Video Renderer: Video Renderer
Audio Decoder: ACM Wrapper 0001
Audio Renderer: Default DirectSound Device 0002

What surprises me is that WMPlayer is able to play correctly the files but with BSPlayer I get the audio correctly and black screen.

BSPeter 17th January 2005 11:27 PM

Intriguing: "Video Post-processor: Unspecified VFW codec" (VFW="Video For Windows").
What version of DivX codec do you have installed? You could need to update it.
In second part of item 4 of this post there is a direct link.
(Also read further comments re its installation in that post)
If that doesn't work, try a different video rendering (overlay) mode
(see this post)

iparralde 18th January 2005 02:06 PM

I´m afraid I´m giving up. I´ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling all kind of codecs and player versions, but all I get is a black screen
Anyway thank you

BSPeter 18th January 2005 08:27 PM

I cannot help wondering if you perhaps earlier installed (and meanhile uninstalled) another player (in which case that would be my suspect for causing the "Unspecified VFW codec") ?

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