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clems 18th January 2005 01:57 PM

need help pan and scan zoom
hello I 've a problem with bsp:
when I play a movie and don't know why but when a push F (to go full screen) the pan and scan is on -3% which mean that it is not total full screen. if I repush F and F and F the movie goes smaller and smaller
I push + to have it in real full screen but it's quiet annoying. my option "memorise pan and scan" is on. but still, when I start a movie it's always on -3%
please help...

one more questioon what is the difference between zoom and pan and scan?

BSPeter 18th January 2005 08:22 PM

Same with any movie?
Does it remain -3% after you've depressed numeric [5]?
Are you using overlaymode? Video-card (&drivers)?

In BSPlayer zoom-function concerns resizing the video-screen/window as a whole, whereas pan/scan means you can e.g. "zoom in" on a part of the video-screen.
(Perhaps have a look at this post)

clems 9th February 2005 07:15 PM

Does it remain -3% after you've depressed numeric [5]?
I don't understand the question what does it mean depressed numeric 5?
I haven't pressed 5 ... if that's what you mean

Are you using overlaymode? Video-card (&drivers)?
yes I'm using overlaymode 1.

and this goes with my old computer (geforce 3 ti 200)
and my new one (geforce fx 5100)

In fact it must be a problem with directvobsub because when directvobsub doesn't load it works fine...

BSPeter 9th February 2005 08:50 PM

Did you click on the link "this post" in my post hereabove?
Then it should have been clear to you that I meant key [5] (=reset) on the PC's numeric keypad.
Ever tried the option "movie mode" by pressing [M]-key?
Do you really need DVobsub for your subtitles?
Are your subtitles indeed picture-based?
If they are text-based BSPlayer can play several formats natively (without an external utitlity).
(See item 9 of my Help2Help-post)

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