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BSPeter 4th February 2005 11:11 AM

@ Adil a.k.a. Adilc a.k.a. Guest from Australia
@ Adil a.k.a. Adilc a.k.a. Guest from Australia
I'm afraid it's not so much BSPlayer which has or causes problems, but I think its you! You really have an attitude problem and should seek some help. It seems if something doesn't work to your liking, instead of seeking some help to remedy it, you just explode and you need to get that out of your system.
Your most recent post was removed as it really only and exclusively consisted of abusive language and flaming, wheras many (even average BSPlayer-users) could have easily told you how to tackle your problems displaying mpeg2-video (if you'd just described the problem and/or asked a question).
In response to your first post I already let you know "ASKING QUESTIONS WILL GET YOU ANYWHERE".
To your second post I responded "Your fellow-users of BSPlayer will be most happy to (try to) help anyone. There really is no need whatsoever for abusive language"
In "your third post it seemed as if you'd understood: "this is the only movie player i use as it is the best.. sorry when i get mad sometimes."
In your fourth post you were flaming a fellow-user of BSPlayer for no reason whatsoever.
Your today's (meanwhile removed) fifth post really beats all.
Sorry, but I for one, am not sure if I would bother to react to any future post of yours!
Lots of luck with your life!

Adil 4th February 2005 12:51 PM

Well I have been playing DIVX movies on BSPLAYER and it runs fine..


* AVI MJPEG codec no picture..
* MPEG2 (PowerDVD) struggles (especially if you move the slider that crashes it every time)

My computer has been giving me a headache lately , theres a problem and I cant fifgure what it is, allready Ive burned 2 powersupply units and a motherboard, expensive!

AND I DONT KNOW WHAT the problem is and I guess I lost it and gave all my anger to bsplayer, thats me though, if something doesnt work when IM in a bad mood, I go to the forum and I vent.. I guess Im the most harshest, worst consumer you will find, but you should be trying to keep consumers like me satisfied, for if you do, I figure no one else could hate you more.

Im pissed, and just watched a divx file on bsplayer, it does indeed play DIVX brillianttly and superbly, 10 times better then divx own player, this program really is a master at playing DIVX. Seeing i dont use mpeg2 anymore bsplayer should fit nicely for me and Im sure I can get along with it..

Again sorry my computer is sending me to a mental institution and its costing me heaps in trial and error!!!! AGHHH!!

Ill register BSPLAYER this friday.. cos I realised its a DIVX master. even under cpu load, it just plays flawlessly, why mpeg2 it struggles (powerdvd codec) i do not know... it works but the slider move it and your in trouble.

Anyway please pray for me so I can find this computer problem out and im sincerly sorry for my crazy outburst.

BSPeter 4th February 2005 02:04 PM

Being unfamiliar with the mjpeg format myself, I looked for it on the internet and found "heaps" of different MJPEG-codecs. It appears that several developers have applied JPEG to individual frames of a video sequence, calling the result MJPEG. Unfortunately, apparently they've chosen different approaches, so that there doesn't seem to be a real recognized standard. From the info I've read, I understand that MJPEG files created with one codec, are not necessarily compatible to be played using another developer's MJPEG-codec. Also apparently both Microsoft and Apple try to push their (different) "standard" MJPEG formats.

Some info I found on "Codec Central":
= - = - = - = - = - =
General Information
  1. Overview
    There are three JPEG-based codecs built into QuickTime. These are: Photo-JPEG, MJPEG-A and MJPEG-B. MJPEG stands for "Motion JPEG," and is identical to Photo-JPEG except that the MJPEG codecs have translators built-in to support the different capture cards.
    MJPEG is not the same as MPEG, although the names are confusingly similar. The primary difference is that MPEG provides temporal compression, while MJPEG only provides spatial compression.
  2. Architectures Supported
MJPEG codecs are often used as storage formats for large files that need to be archived with good quality. It is a lossy codec, but at 100% quality, the image degradation is minimal.
At WWW data rates (5-20K), JPEG may produce better results than Cinepak.

All the JPEG codecs require significant amounts of CPU power and are not well suited to video playback at CD-ROM or higher data rates, except when assisted by a hardware capture card.
Large image and/or high frame rate movies usually don't play smoothly.
= - = - = - = - = - =

Now, as I already mentioned at the start of this post, I'm not familiar with the mjpeg-codec. Maybe the info I found is not up-to-date and perhaps another BSPlayer-user has some experience with it. I would personally think of adicoto, who - as a fellow-user of BSPlayer - is also helping many posters on this forum with their problems and who is the "publisher" of adicoto's list of codecs on this forum.

I will send him a "pm", to ask if he has some experience with mjpeg-codec(s). He most certainly can give you excellent tips with respect to MPEG-2 video playback. In that connection I think the answer to one question is of interest: with an MPEG-2 file loaded, what is shown with respect to video playback under
(rightclick >) Options > Filters > Advanced ? And maybe also give some info on your PC (e.g. CPU; see item 2 of my Help2Help-post (link at bottom)).

adicoto 4th February 2005 06:18 PM

Normally windows can decode M-Jpeg files (usually files of that kind are downloaded from photo cameras). Probably the codec is newer. Try to install pegassus M-Jpeg codec. It never failed me.
As for MPEG2, I strongly recommend Elecard codec. PM me for other details over Elecard codec.

As for the source and MB problem. I assume you have a powerful computer, some P4 at 3 Ghz or Athlon about 3000 +. Usually they request a large amount of current on 12V branch. See the MB specifications about the 12 V amperage (maybe over 20 amps) and buy a power suply over 450 W but with more than 25 A on 12 V.

Sorry for my mistake, is pegasus, not pegassus:

Adil 5th February 2005 03:44 AM

Great day , I found out my my troubles were my old nvdia graphic cart, a curcuit burned in the fan and it was what caused all my instabilitoies, I replaced the card with a radeon ..woo hoo im so relieved..

Well the MJPEG codec im talking about was pinnacle DC10+ studio mjpeg codec, I reinstalled the codec for MJPEG, funnily bsplayer plays it flawlessly now.. so it was nt bsplayer fault, it was a corrupted codec.

Registering this great program as soon as possible.

I do not wish a computer problem for anyone, troubleshooting can be a great drainer.. Im out $300 :)

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