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clems 8th February 2005 04:48 PM

very strange problem I need the creator of bsp here...
hello. that's my pb:
when I try to read a movie (avi file) with BSPLAYER on a DVD-R (or +r it doesn't matter)
the movie is shown but the video is not fluid: it goes from one frame to I don't know about 20 frames latter so I can't watch movie like this (but the sound is perfect and so video and sound are not synchronised anymore).

when I read the same file on the DVD-R with"windows media player" or "media player classic" or "vlc" there are no problem.

you could say: it's a codec prob.

but it's not because
when I copy the file from the DVD-R to my hdd and that I play it with BSPLAYER there is no problem at all everything works fine.

Then you can say: it comes from his dvd player
but I don't think that's it because I just bought my computer 3 months ago
and also because there are no problems when I use "windows media player" or "media player classic" or "vlc"

maybe a pb of a too small buffer... I really don't know and it's really a pb to me.
so if you have any idea about how to resolve my problem
thank you very much to answer

I tried to explain my problem as well as I could...

clems 8th February 2005 06:40 PM

also another thing that I just saw...
when I read a file on a dvd-r there is a kind of diode and it shows how much the dvd player is used.
this diode is very very lit when I use bsplayer which means that bsplayer needs a lot of information from the file.
In fact some times the movie even stops as if the dvd player couldn't read as much as needed.
But when I use "windows media player" or vlc or... this diode is really less lit and there are no pbs.

please I need help...

I would like to stay on bsp because I use it since years and that I really like it....

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