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ww220 14th February 2005 05:16 PM

No sound from AVI file right after playing a rmvb file
BSPlayer 1.02 build 812
PIII 1.2GHz, Intel 830MG graphic adaptor
Codec of video files involved:
Video:rmvb, DIVX4, 5, XVID
Audio:rmvb, mp3, ac3

My problem is if I double click on a AVI file while playing a RMVB video, the video of the AVI file will play OK but no sound at all. The problem is gone if I quit BSplayer and then open the AVI file. (The sound codec of the avi file varies from MP3 to AC3, and I guess the RMVB file uses RM's proprietary sound format?)

The other problem also associates with opening another file while the BSplayer is playing a video file. If I double click a video file(of any format) whose file name is in Chinese, the file will not be loaded at all. But again the problem is gone if I quit BSPlayer and then double click on the file.

It's quite annoying because as I run quite a few other CPU-consuming tasks at the background, to get a smooth video playing I need to change the bsplayer process priority to high from normal. If I had to quite bsplyaer from time to time, I'd have to do this every time I re-start bsplayer.

Any thoughts on solving these 2 problems will be highly appreciated.

ww220 14th February 2005 06:33 PM

I forgot to mention that I am using the latest realmediasplitter for playing RM and RMVB files in bsplayer. It may be obvious but I guess a bit more information wouldn't be harmful.

ww220 16th February 2005 02:47 PM

I guess I should also mention that the second problem only happens if I double click the file from a windows browser. If I use the built-in "Open" dialog box within bsplayer, I can open any video file with Chinese character in its name or in the path.
But for the first problem (no mp3 sound from avi file after RMVB play), the problem remains the same no matter I open it from a windows browser or from the built-in "Open" dialog box.

buggaboo 16th April 2005 04:12 AM

I was wondering if you ever fixed this, or if anyone else knows the solution, because I seem to be having the same problem. I first noticed it in a playlist where the only way to get sound for .avi videos was to put them first. Once anything else plays, .avi videos seem to have no sound. I just downloaded the latest version of BSPlayer and the latest AC3 Filter (not sure if that is even what .avi files use though...). Anyone have any ideas?

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