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11th December 2002 04:17 AM

why cant i play div3 format?
i try to play saving private ryan, and it says unsupported format , div3 or divx3? :?:

Deadmeat 13th December 2002 01:44 AM

Almost definatly an incomplete or corrupted avi.

Alucard 13th December 2002 02:01 PM

Avi fix
download avifix and fix the incomplete .avi file and it should work.

Alucard 13th December 2002 02:02 PM

Avi fix
download avifix and fix the incomplete .avi file and it should work.

aneta cu trotineta 10th January 2003 02:29 PM

div3 div4 mp43 ap41
out of what i read on the internet, these codecs are _not_ divx. they all come from the mpeg 4 v3 codec made by microsoft. div3 div4 and ap41 (ap = angel potion) are variants of mp43, that is, the data is stored in the exact same way, the only thing that differs is the header of the file.
however, i still have the same problem - i can't play any of these formats, yet i have installed the mpeg4 v3 codec. the only player that works is the windows ole2 media server or whatever it's called. the rest don't work.
my question is, since this player works, it means i have installed the codec. how can i make bsplayer see that codec (the mp43 codec)?


xlv600 14th January 2003 12:06 AM

I suggest you to download Tatif's great tool: Avicodec to help you detect what codec are installed, where, and what your movie needs. [/url]

fAnG 22nd January 2003 06:44 PM

The DIV3 Is the DivX 3.11 alpha

Download this CODEC and install it >> sould work fine

Here some info on the codec :

DSH FriendlyName DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Low-Motion
DSH AssociatedFilename C:\WINDOWS\System32\qcap.dll
DSH DirectShow CLSID CLSID_AVICo {D76E2820-1563-11CF-AC98-00AA004C0FA9}
FIL FileDescription DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Video Codec
FIL CompanyName Hacked with Joy !
FIL FileVersion 4.divx.3920
FIL InternalName DivXc32
FIL OriginalFileName DivXc32
FIL ProductName DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Video Codec
FIL ProductVersion 4.DivX.3920
VFW Description DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Low-Motion
VFW Driver C:\WINDOWS\System32\DivXc32.dll

This info is obtained by Gspot 2

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