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Matimott 12th December 2002 09:00 AM

Chapmaker New Version
Hi all !

I've made a new version of Chapmaker, it can now capture picture directly from avi file...
It can also automatically create chapter for you with the chf file !

It's very easy to create chapter file now

Hope it helps...

Quietseb 12th December 2002 09:25 PM

tried it today

it's a bit less easy to use than previous versions, obviously because it is much more powerful - direct capture
once you've got the hand on it (<1mn instead of <15secs for previous versions :P ), it's just great.

thanks a lot

bluedan 16th December 2002 01:08 AM

I assume it does not support OGM currrently?
As long as bsplayer is able to jump from one chapter to another with one click I prefer it because I'm too lazy.
But I like that old one VERY much. I'll be your fellow when chapter-jumping-support is in! :wink:

Uhh ahh, I see something advertised on your hp like chapter support + resizing??!! Sorry, too quick posted, that's is indeed a neat programme.

BTW, history unit: in the days before your first chapmaker launch, how was the average user supposed to create cbf files?? I cannot remember a time without your excellent programme![/i]

LordIntruder 16th December 2002 03:22 AM

Matimott, just to thank you for your program. The last version 0.9 was great and expected for a long time for the new things it brings but now we almost have a full-in-one nice featured program.

Be sure we really appreciate your work. :D

xlv600 17th December 2002 01:53 AM

Thanks Matimott for your v1.0 release. Now it will be less painful to add pictures to the chapters of all my recent movies.
- All my chapters are embedded in BSI files now and I've always used frame count, so I've no CHF files anymore. I was happy to realize that BSI were processed about the same as standard chapter files are, with only some redondant chapters at frame 0 (easy to remove), so I've not to first export my chapters in a CHF before running chapmaker.
- I understand that it's always easier to ask than to do, but it would be more convenient if chapters were always sorted in you app, so that newly edited ones are not appended to the end of the list, but inserted in the stream. The easiest would be an option to toggle replace/append mode, so that I don't have to remove the old chapter and put the new one in place.
- You could save us some key stoke, with filling default CBF file name with AVI's one, isn't it ?
Anyway, it works as it is, I've only made 2 CBF, maybe I'm out of training ! :lol:

To Bluedan: It used to be Chappy that was very well designed and easy to use. It could generate CHF+CBF out of AVI+IFO, with drag'n'drop. But it has not been upgraded since the venue of DivX5 and doesn't work Anymore for me, I guess it's due to the DivX5 codec. It's really a shame !

The URL was, but I think you'll get a 404.

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