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delikedi 27th April 2005 08:47 AM

codes that change color of subtitles. and the unicode issue.
Thanks for BSPlayer, it is the best there is.

I'm preparing hearing impaired subtitles in subrip (.srt) format for a divx movie, using Subtitle Workshop.
I want to change the color of some portions of some subtitles. A simple example would be a white colored line such as:
"(narrator) Cecilia was the first to go."
where the bracketed word would appear in, say, yellow and the rest of the line being white.
In srt files, I can do this for italics, bold and underline properties; I mean a line like
"Cecilia [i]was< /i> the first to go."
works. When BSPlayer sees the [i] operator, it switches to italic mode and then back again.

How can I do this for different colors? What pair of operators do I need?
For yellow, Subtitle Workshop inserts the operator "<c:#FFFF00>" but I can't get it to work with BSPlayer. Subrip inserts <font color="#c6be41"> but it does not work either; the operators are displayed as if they were text.
I experimented with a substation alpha (.ssa) file and I saw that BSPlayer has the ability to show a subtitle (I mean a whole subtitle, not portions) in a different color. I inspected that line and saw the operator "c&HFF&" in that line (for red color). BSPlayer shows that subtitle in red and the others in their default color.
What are the operators for .srt or .sub (or .txt) files?

I'm using the latest BSPlayer version, v1.22 build 817. My language and character set is Turkish. I'm using Win XP on a modern computer.

My other question is, how can I display a unicode character? I understand from previous messages that it may not be supported. But it would be really nice if I could use the unicode character "U+266A: Eigth Note". I read the previous messages and experimented with many combinations of unicode-encoded text files and fonts but I could not even get BSPlayer to load the file.

Thanks in advance.

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