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Peeg 8th May 2005 09:17 PM

All was well until yesterday!!...BSPlayer is gone and died!
Good day to you all ladies and gentlemen!

First off let me say that I have until about 12 hours ago LOVED my BSPlayer!!...far better then anything else I have ever found!! Thanks to all those involved with it!!...BUT!......

I was happily about to watch a second movie last night when POOF!!..BSPlayer decides to up and die on me!...actually that is not plays all audio brilliantly and the video is crystal clear when I actually see it! problem began as a slight delay audio/video sync...tried a new file...perhaps it was my movie....nope...same thing...this time the delay was larger and more drastic..hmm...go to the forums! and read and read...You all who give adive are amazing!...learnt a great deal...and I used the search button on many an occasion! it helped somewhat! :D )...I tried all the various solutions..went to other sites and tried many things...alas...still my problem remains!!...

I have tried the same files on other players and and they work just fine...but..I want my BSPlayer to work!!...I miss it already!..sniff...I have even re-installed it...twice....I have all the codecs needed...It was working fine!!..did for well over three get a bad 1920's flip version of my files!!..but with 2005 audio!...

So I dare say I am begging!!..Please all of you fine folks you know far more about this then me please help!!...Please???...I will do my very best to answer and all questions the best I can....but I am far from computer savy...hence why I am bowing at your knowldege!...

Thank you all so VERY much!!


p.s. - I repeat...everything was perfect one minute and then switch file..and now nothing works correctly...perfect audio..about every 2nd or 5th (guessing lol) visible...jumpy, choppy, stalling video!

p.p.s. - not even smart enough to tell you completely about my system! :shock: ..but I can tell ya it is Win XP Pro, have the Direct X latest version..all the Codecs I would need....and like I all worked!!!...and within a matter of moments...nope..not on BSPlayer!!

adicoto 9th May 2005 07:47 PM

Open one of the files with problems. Rightclick->options->filters and please post here the filters declared to be in use. It will help us a lot. Thx.

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